There was a time when there were few female motorcyclists. Those days are long gone. Women are taking over the bike world, and motorcycle manufacturers are finally paying attention. Not all women want to ride Harley Sportster or a 300cc sports bike. While there is nothing wrong with these bikes, they are not perfect for everyone. Some women want to hit the open roads on a touring bike. Others feel the call of the track and crave supersport. These ten bikes are perfect for female riders looking for the perfect two-wheeler.


10/10 Yamaha R7

Studio shot of a blue 2022 Yamaha YZF-R7 sports bike against a white background.

The R7 has a huge following, so it’s no surprise that it will the perfect bike for the woman looking for her next sport bike. Sportsbikes are notorious for high seating positions, so this one is good because it’s a little lower. There’s a lot you can do with this sporty bike, so it’s perfect for riders who want to do a little bit of everything. It’s big enough to ride all day without feeling cramped. You won’t feel a lack of power on the highway. It is also not too big and heavy, so you won’t feel tired while maneuvering it in the turns.

9/10 Triumph Street Triple S 660

Studio shot of a white 2020 Triumph Street Triple S 660 sport bike against a white background.

Triumph has a reputation for being solid and more expensive than they are worth. however, The Street Triple S is a good option if you prefer the Triumph. The bike is sporty, it’s fun to ride. A lot of time and attention went into the development of the engine. You can choose from several complete models with the same engine and chassis. The only difference is how Triumph tuned the engine. This allows you to find the perfect bike for your skill level and riding style. Lazy riders will appreciate the shift assist feature, which helps the bike shift into the next gear if you take too long to shift.

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8/10 Kawasaki Ninja 600

Studio shot of a green Kawasaki ZX-6R KRT Edition 2023 sports bike facing left against a white background.

Join the army of green machines with the Ninja 600. It The mid-level bike in the lineup is perfect for beginners and experienced riders. Kawasaki does a great job of equipping all the bikes in the Ninja line with sculpted fairings for aerodynamics. The 600 and 650 versions have enough power to get you up and going, but are also light enough to be nimble in traffic. The seat has an excellent middle-of-the-road height, making it suitable for a wide range of riders. Beginner riders will love how easy it is to upgrade to the larger Ninja. Experienced riders will enjoy testing this bike through the twists and turns of the trails.

7/10 Ducati Monster

Studio shot of a red and gray Ducati Monster 1200 25th Anniversary 2022 Streetfighter looking right against a black background.

This bike is aptly named because it’s full of attitude. The stripped-down styling puts Ducati’s 937cc Testastretta 11 engine front and center. However, unlike the supersport bikes, the Ducati Monster is tuned to be much friendlier and less wobbly for a Monster. Although the seat height is about average, shorter riders will find it easier to get their feet on the ground than on comparable bikes. This is thanks to the slimmer design of the tank and the narrow shape of the seat. Riders find this bike ideal for riding on city streets or riding mountain roads. The Italian motorcycle company is known for producing motorcycles that are an elegant blend of performance and design, and the Monster continues that legacy.

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6/10 Harley-Davidson Iron 883

Studio shot of a black Harley Davidson Iron 883 2022 sportster bobber motorcycle facing right against a white background.

this stripped down and blacked out Harley is one of a kind in Harley’s chrome line. It has a separate seat, a large front tire and classic bobber styling. This is the perfect entry-level Harley under $10K. This price is also perfect because the bike acts as a blank canvas ready for you to make your personalization dreams come true. Despite the different name, this bike is a Sportster. This is an incredibly popular bike due to its lightweight and balanced design. The power is enough to make a safe trip around town. You can also find some twisty roads where it works well.

5/10 Honda CBR650R

Studio shot of a black 2022 Honda CBR650R sport bike facing right against a white background.

There is nothing particularly outstanding or impressive about the CBR650. It’s a middleweight sport bike that Honda builds for the casual weekend rider. On the 1000RR, it’s not as aggressive and it’s not as easy. However, it’s also more exciting than smaller bikes. This is an affordable and practical bike on the list. Sitting on this bike, the body position is slightly tilted forward. However, it is not a complete race. This makes the bike suitable for weekend trips around town or longer trips of several hours. Despite having several good features, Honda keeps things simple. ABS and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) are additional upgrades to consider.

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4/10 BMW S 1000 R

Studio shot of a blue 2020 BMW S 1000 R sports bike looking to the right against a white background.

Most women don’t have a passenger on a motorcycle. This makes the passenger seat pretty much useless on most women’s bikes. The BMW S 1000 R has a good solution by splitting the two seats. This allows the owner to keep his seat and replace the passenger seat with a cover. This gives the bike a nice look by eliminating a useless part. BMW doesn’t always make the prettiest bikes, but it always includes innovative technology. The S 1000 R is no different. So, sit back and take a look at the futuristic screen.

3/10 Aprilia Tuono 660

Studio shot of a red and black Aprilia Tuono 660 2023 sports bike facing right against a white background.

Aprilia bikes tend to get overlooked when making top ten lists. However, the Tuono 660 is not one to be overlooked. This is a a mid-range motorcycle that receives praise and admiration from all industry professionals that comes across it. It has sporty styling that goes perfectly with the 659cc parallel engine and aluminum frame. While the seat is on the higher side, it is sculpted to narrow the shape and make it easier to put your feet on the ground. However, what makes this sport bike stand out is how comfortable it is. This is thanks to the easy placement of the arms, a more vertical position of the torso and additional seat padding.

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2/10 Honda Rebel 500

Studio shot of a green Honda Rebel facing right against a white background.

This light cruiser is perfect for those who want to cruise around town. Unlike other similar cruisers, the Rebel 500 has a shorter front end that brings the tire closer to the rider. It also rotates the front forks to a more upright position. The result is a bike that is easier to control. The low seat and taller, offset handlebars make this bike ideal for smaller women with short arms. Be sure to put your feet on the ground at every red light. Handle every corner with the dedication of a seasoned racer. Although it also comes in a 300cc model, you can safely skip it for the 500cc. The larger model isn’t as scary as it seems once you’re in the saddle.

1/10 Indian Scout Sixty

Studio shot of a blacked-out 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty looking left against a white background.

The high-torque V-twin Indian Scout Sixty is the perfect blend of traditional and modern motorcycle design. But don’t let the sub-$10,000 price tag fool you. The build quality of this bike is impressive. In addition, there is an extensive list of OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories available. This makes it an ideal bike for those looking to customize their bike. It also has one of the lowest seat heights on this list, making it perfect for shorter riders. Its only drawback is the driving position. Your legs are stretched out in front of you and your arms are extended. This can lead to back fatigue on long trips.

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