The Drako GTE is a unique piece of American automotive culture. Not only is the car one-of-a-kind, but his company, Drako Motors, is unique in that so far only produces the Draco GTE, making it a small but mighty competitor in the electric vehicle markets. We take a closer look at this beast of a machine to see what it has to offer.


10/10 Creative genius

Drako is co-founded by Shiv Sikand

Drako was founded by a technology entrepreneur duo, Shiva Sikand and Dean Drako. After running a successful software company, they decided to combine their love of cars in a new car company – Drako Motors. It was founded in 2013, and its first project, DriveOS, a torque vectoring operating system with a single VCU drive, was launched in August 2015.

9/10 Smooth style

Three quarter front shot of the Drako GTE

First of all, it is the appearance of the car itself. Its sleek design and attractive color make Drako stands out among other electric cars. It takes the four-door sedan to a whole new level of cool. It somehow manages to look mainstream and futuristic at the same time. Talk about jelly with ice cars and electric cars without the fuss!

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8/10 Accuracy control

Control panel Drako GTE, aka “Quattro Manettino”.

You’ll feel like Han Solo piloting the Millennium Falcon when you pilot this creature. The Drako GTE is powered by four electric motors that use advanced software algorithms to enable the car to respond with laser-like precision, simultaneously applying positive and negative torque to each wheel. This level of control is said to be better than any current control solutions. Drako’s driver-focused “Quattro Manettino” consists of four console-mounted switches that give the driver full control over the vehicle’s functionality, including full control of torque vectoring, traction control, front-to-rear power distribution and fine-grained control of regenerative braking. This allows you to customize the transmission characteristics to suit your driving needs. Quattro Manettino even allows the driver to choose from six different road surface conditions – race, track, dry road, rain, snow and even ice! This ensures that when you get behind the wheel of the Drako GTE, you will be able to handle any environment it will encounter.

7/10 Incredible power

The Drako GTE engines are incredible to say the least!

The Drako GTE’s four individual magnet hybrid synchronous motors are nothing to scoff at. The four-motor setup is capable of producing up to 1,200 horses, making it one of the most powerful four-seaters ever made! While the 0-60mph stats have yet to be revealed, the GTE Drako is capable of a top speed of 206mph!

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6/10 Comfortable interior

The interior of the Drako GTE is as luxurious as it gets!

As with most luxury cars, it’s not just the looks and what’s under the hood that’s important – one should also feel comfortable inside the car. Whether you’re driving or riding as a passenger, the Drako will gently lull you into its high-quality interior designed for comfort. As an “ultra-premium supercar”, the GTE Draco is all about luxury, while being able to accommodate four passengers and their luggage. It offers ample legroom and easy entry and exit, and all seats are finished in a blend of hand-stitched leather and Alcantara. It combines excellent comfort and also provides “support” for high-performance driving. And best of all, buyers will be able to personalize their GTE, offering a wide range of colours, materials and finishes. It doesn’t get much fancier than this!

5/10 High-tech battery

Head-on shot of the red Drako GTE driving around the track

In order to provide the driver with all that speed and power, the Drako will need an incredible battery built to power, which is exactly what the designers gave it. The Drako GTE is equipped with a 90 kWh, 450 volt unit consisting of 10,000 cells., capable of producing 1,800 amps of continuous power with a peak of 2,200 amps. Shiv Sikand, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Drako Motors, says: “It’s not a 100,000-mile battery. Items have a limited lifespan. Instead, the battery is built for power. It is similar in concept to the Tesla battery, except we use a very parallel cooling tube design to manage very high heat loads. We want the car to accelerate continuously until it reaches a top speed of 206 mph. The elements will provide a very good range and they will definitely give you a very strong performance without degradation.”

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4/10 Peace and quiet

The Draco GTE may be powerful and fast, but it’s also quiet.

While the Draco GTE may boast incredible speed and power, it’s also remarkably quiet. This is great for drivers who don’t like a roaring engine in a quiet neighborhood. It also provides a smooth ride that is sure to please passengers on long journeys.

3/10 Quality tires

The Drako GTE tires are top notch

Worried about how the Drako GTE will handle the road? Worry no more! For the road package, the Drako will come with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and for the road package, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Quality tires for a quality ride!

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2/10 The road and track are ready

Front three-quarter shot of the red Drako GTE driving around the track

Want to ride your Drako on the racetrack? Who wouldn’t be?! The Drako GTE offers both road and track versions of the car. The track edition comes with a track-optimized battery, four-way adjustable Öhlins suspension, and two sets of wheels and tires (road + track).

1/10 Cost is impressive

Rear three-quarter shot of the Drako GTE

The price tag for the Drako GTE is $1.3 million – substantial, to say the least. But, with such a fine technique, a high price tag naturally comes with it. We are sure to see the Drako GTE in the garages of millionaires around the world.