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These days technology is advancing very fast and is even changing the way we charge our phones. MagSafe is one of the most innovative new features that Apple released the iPhone 12 line and took wireless charging to a whole new level. Thanks to the use of built-in magnets in the latest iPhones, the new technology is compatible with an entire ecosystem of accessories, including super convenient chargers. Unlike conventional wireless chargers that require you to pay attention to how you position your phone, MagSafe-compatible chargers seamlessly attach to a compatible iPhone for easy charging.

Today, nearly a year after MagSafe’s debut, you can choose from a huge selection of chargers in a variety of price points and form factors. We’ve spent weeks researching and testing products to determine the best of the best MagSafe chargers to buy.

The best MagSafe chargers

    What should be considered

    Form factor

    Before you buy a third-party MagSafe charger, you need to decide whether you need a pad or a stand. In addition to easily charging your iPhone, the latter will also serve as a viewing stand, whose magnets can even hold the smartphone in landscape mode.

    Charging speed

    The higher the capacity of the MagSafe charger, the faster it will top up your iPhone’s battery. Apple chargers and leading offerings in this product category from other brands have an output power of 15W. Budget magnetic chargers trade speed for less, while MagSafe battery packs reach 7.5W.

    Additional accessories

    If you already purchased an Apple MagSafe charger with your new iPhone, we have good news for you. You can further embellish your accessory by purchasing a stand or docking station that is compatible with it. There are already tons of great options out there, many of which are included in this list.

    You should also be aware that many MagSage chargers do not come with a wall adapter. You should also leave room in your budget for a high-capacity USB-C charger if you don’t already have one. Fortunately, there is no need to spend extra money to grab it – there are many great options for less than $20.

    Find your next favorite iPhone charger among the carefully vetted ones below and never charge with cables again.

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Our best choice


MagSafe 2-in-1 BOOST↑CHARGE PRO charger


The best battery

an apple

MagSafe battery


The most versatile


MagSafe wireless charger


A battery that fits the iPhone


622 Magnetic Portable Charger


Second place

A nomad

Base One MagSafe charger


Infinitely customizable

an apple

MagSafe charger


The best budget


PowerWave magnetic pad


The best dual charger


Duo Wireless Dual Pad


Space-saving design

an apple

MagSafe Duo charger


Handmade wood


Wood MagSafe stand


For smooth charging


Aluminum MagSafe charger dock

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