Priced at $128,000, the 1S is as refined as modern motorcycles get

The 1S features mid-mounted controls paired with a low, flat handlebar for a comfortable yet sporty riding position

Arch Motorcycle, co-founded by Keanu Reeves (Neo from The Matrix movies), is popular for creating some expensive but stellar motorcycles that emphasize quality over quantity. Staying true to that MO, the company has now launched the Arch 1S, loaded with top-shelf components and a 2032cc engine to redefine cruising.

Arch 1S looks rough, sexy and muscular

The Cobra-like carbon fiber exhaust is a neat touch

One look at the Arch 1S and you’ll stop and stare. Based on the 2017 1S concept, the new bike looks bold from any angle and adopts a neo-retro design. The dash includes an all-LED headlight (with swivel function) surrounded by a short windshield and a relatively flat steering wheel. The grips themselves are a work of art as they provide a sporty yet comfortable riding position and feature unique LED indicators at the end of the bar. Just behind that you’ll find an aggressively shaped carbon fiber fuel tank with a one-of-a-kind aluminum cover.


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At the opposite end, the Arch has a pointed 1S and it has a smooth tail section. It’s topped off with a Cobra-like carbon fiber tip and a single-sided swingarm that makes the bike look impressive. And the seat only holds the rider, so there’s no room for a third between the pilot and the 1S.

Arch 1S is packed with premium mechanics

Ohlins suspension at both ends and carbon fiber wheels ensure the 1S is a quick machine to drive

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Underneath, Arch equipped the 1S with a powerful 2,032cc V-engine that produces 115 lb-ft of torque. Built in collaboration with S&S Cycles, the engine sits in a steel chassis mated to a billet aluminum subframe. Other chassis components include Ohlins FGRT forks, Ohlins rear shock and six-piston brakes. All of this, along with the BST carbon fiber wheels, should make the 1S a great bike to handle. Ark claims it will redefine sports cruising. And finally, a TFT dashboard (a first for the Arch) by AiM Sports brings it all together.

The sky-high price tag is part of the Arch experience

All the information you need comes to you through the TFT dashboard

Arch Motorcycle has priced the 1S Sport Cruiser at $128,000, making it difficult for most. But it’s anything but a bike for the average person, given the components on offer and especially the fact that it’s hand-built by the forks at Arch. Those with a knack for making dough can personalize their 1S with a variety of colors and materials. For those who can’t but still want a powerful, sporty cruiser, check out the Triumph Rocket 3, which has the world’s largest production engine.