• Even if you had enough money to buy almost any car you want, sometimes a faithful old car, say, well Nissan Altima– You have been driving for ten years – this is the right answer.
  • This is the story of Brendan Neem, who earned millions but is still involved in games in his 2010 Altima, even though the players ’parking lot is full of much more expensive cars.
  • Nima, who plays for the New York Mets, said MLB.com that the old Altima makes sense in a city where you always have to watch out for aggressive drivers.

    There was a time when Hollywood was amazed and amused by the writer Leonardo DiCaprio, who cruised the city in Toyota Prius. Jennifer Lawrence and she then entertained the movie stars Volkswagen Eos. There are many other examples where people with more than enough money are resolutely not spending them on expensive cars.

    In the world of baseball we have Brandon Nima, an outfielder of the New York Mets, who has just signed a new annual contract for $ 7 million to stay on the team. The only reason we care here today is that Nimma is unlikely to spend his fortune on a new car. Since 2011 he has played with the lower league teams that are part of the Mets, and since 2016 in the major leagues, so for a while he had money. MLB.com It is estimated that Nima has earned more than $ 10 million in his career (excluding the new contract). And despite that, the car he’s riding on this year’s spring workouts is definitely available: the 2010 Nissan Altima sedan with about 65,000 miles on it, which costs about $ 7,000-8,000 in the used car market. our days.

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    Nim’s reasons for driving an Altima in a sea of ​​more expensive cars driven by his teammates are logical and sentimental. In an interview with MLB.com Nima said this car “keeps me modest” and is actually a much smarter car to drive around town than the more expensive options. “He’s still doing what I need,” Nima told MLB.com. “If I drop my luggage behind, do I want to do it in a $ 100,000 Mercedes?”

    Altima Nimmo is still rushing for sentimental reasons. He told MLB.com that he received the car after graduating from high school in Cheyenne, Wyoming, because some of the money his family had amassed for college became available when he received a scholarship to the University of Arkansas. He later discovered that it was Altima on the streets of his new home.

    “When I came to New York, I thought,‘ My God, I have to be a defensive driver all the time, ’” Nima told MLB.com. “People are always trying to cut in front of you. I thought, ‘You know what?’ I don’t need a good car because you still have to play chicken with these people. If Altima hits a little. “Up, I don’t care.”

    Nima told the baseball edition that he also owns a 2011 GMC Sierra which he uses when returning to Wyoming, but so far he seems eager to save Altima on the East Coast. Sure, Bluetooth and a backup camera would be good, he told MLB.com, but that will come with time. So far, Altima is not going anywhere.

    “It reminds me of where I came from,” Nima said. “If I have a bad game, I can jump in and say, ‘I’m glad I didn’t buy this Mercedes for $ 100,000.’ … I will probably run after it until it breaks, and then we’ll see what happens. “

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