The AT4X is even more focused on off-road performance than the AT4, which runs on tracks. In addition to AT4 upgrades that include low-range all-wheel drive, protective panels and unique off-road control with a single General Motors pedal, the AT4X comes with dedicated shock absorbers, electronically locked front and rear differentials and 32-inch all-terrain vehicles. This is similar equipment to what is available on the off-road version of the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2, although compared to the AT4X weakened. It has a more street-friendly front bumper that sacrifices an angle of approach for style, and the tires are a step lower on an extreme scale compared to the 33-inch ZR2 mud. However, the AT4X proved to be quite off-road capable, easily navigating steep slopes and overcoming deep ruts thanks to the soft cushioning from the advanced suspension shock absorbers of the Canadian company Multimatic. This is the first time I have personally traveled off-road, enjoying a massage of the seats.

In addition to massage seats, highlights of the AT4X interior include suede ceiling, upgraded leather and a 15-inch display. You’ll also get these and more at the new level of Denali Ultimate, which is the top of the Sierra 1500 lineup. It doesn’t have AT4X off-road equipment, but it carries many of the interiors of this truck. It also has unique additions such as laser wood etching with open pores and extended use of upgraded leather throughout the salon. The truck is a strong luxury with 22-inch wheels and a black chrome grille, and the GMC also includes a full set of bright features such as a carbon composite bed, adaptive suspension shock absorbers and side steps that slide out.

How comfortable is the Sierra 1500?

In the Denali Ultimate finish, as expected, the Sierra 1500 is a very comfortable truck. The cabin has impressive sound insulation, which does not allow noise from the road, wind and engine to interfere with the cruise. The adaptive suspension also works well, helping the heavy pickup bounce off bumps and cracks on the road. However, unlike some other adaptive systems, this one only responds to the road it encounters – it can’t scan ahead and prepare in advance for flaws. So you feel the road through your seat more than, say, some versions of the Ram 1500. However, the Denali Ultimate and its more plush aspects stand out in the classroom.

As for the AT4X, it feels immediately more comfortable than its cousin Silverado ZR2. This is largely due to the smaller, less aggressive all-terrain tires, which emit less noise and muffle some bumps in the road. But the luxurious finishes in this SUV can not be denied. Soft materials abound, and heated and ventilated front seats are always welcome in a dead end.

What does the Sierra 1500 look like?

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