Almost a century after the first edition, women have their own race in the Basque Country. The first edition consists of 3 middle mountain stages without giant climbs. Sprinters are also not expected to have fun.

1 stage

The 106-kilometer track includes 3 ascents by category, the last of which precedes the 25-kilometer run on the track. Expect a lot of attacks during the day.

Stage 2

2.5 km in the race and the girls start climbing. And so it goes all day. The last ascent in the category starts at 18 km. 6.7 km by 5.6%, then a 6 km descent with an explosive finish uphill.

Stage 3

The longest and last stage is the race at the Clasica San Sebastian. Split and attacks are expected during all 3 category ascents.

Demi Valerin starts as one of the main favorites of this race, as a great station wagon with excellent team support. Martha Cavallistar Ardennes Can denied SD Worx with their attacks from distance. Mavi Garcia who recently took 2nd place in the Ruta Del Sol and won the KOM jersey – another good racer who can fight for the GC. Ashley Mulman Passion it’s a good climber who will probably do her homework, but if she can’t, maybe a podium. Lian Lipert spent a good classic season with 4 finishes in the top 10 and 3rd in Amstel and Brabantse Pidge and can climb well.

Velogames Handbook

Demi Valerin (24) – The main leader of SD Worx and will be a stable finisher in points and the main contender for victory in the GC.

Ashley Mulman Passion (24) – A good chance to get on the podium and get scoring points for Wallering.

Martha Cavalli (22) – Another contender who can win the GC and the sharp rises, well suited to her, will probably fight for victory in the GC.

Mavi Garcia (20) – A racer who knows these roads well, and in his last stage of the race took 2nd, 3rd and 8th place.

Elise Shaby (16) – Another rider who can get a good result in this race, 7th in Valencia.

Juliet Labus (16) – A good racer and climber who has shown impressive results such as 2nd place in the women’s round and 7th place at the Giro Donne last year.

Liana Lipert (14) – She had a brilliant classic season, and it is expected that every day she will fight for victory on stage. The top five finishes in the achievement.

Lucinda Brand (14) – It is expected that the flag bearer Trek-Segafredo will not be able to fight for the overall result, but a milestone victory is possible.

Leah Thomas (12) – A good climber who usually stays in the shadows while working on others. She could have been given her chances in this race without the clear leader Trek-Segafredo.

Amanda Sprat (12) – A good sprinter uphill who can finish well.

Niam Fisher – Black (12) – With little chance that leaders Wollering and Mulman-Pasio would like to relax given the Giraud and the Tour de France, she will be handed over the reins of the SD team. Otherwise the top 10 and a lot of assistant points should be in the bag.

Shirin Van Anrooi (10) – A 20-year-old boy made an explosive entry into a bicycle race. She will be under attack, over and over again.

Evita Music (10) – Ranked in the top 20 on all stages of the rounds in which they competed, and 5th in Klasikoa, who participated in some routes in the last stage.

Anne Santesteban (10) – 11th place in Valencia and will know the roads well.

Christabel Dobel-Hickok (8) – 2nd place in Tour Hill and 8th in La Flash-Walloon.

Lonneke Uneken (8) – A good sprinter uphill and get help points.

Tatiana Gooder (8) – Another rider who has ridden a Klasikoa before took 3rd place last year.

Olivia Baryl (8) – It might have been a surprise as she won the GP Eibar and finished 7th in the Elsy Jacobs.

Veronica Eurs (6) – In excellent form with 2nd in Elsie Jacobs and Nafaraako and won Navarre.

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