Minor modifications are expected for the 2023 BMW R 1250 RS. (BMW Motorrad/)

If BMW announced minor updates and transition models for 2023, several notable cars were missing from the list, suggesting more major changes are to come. Among the cars were AWOL 1250 rupees and 1250 rupees. BMW has now confirmed the revised models for 2023, giving us a hint of what to expect when the bikes are officially unveiled later this year.

All indications are that while the R 1250 RS and R 1250 R are being improved, the changes will not be too radical. Type approval documents indicate that the current versions, both released at the same time in late 2018 as 2019 model year bikes, will use their transmissions for the 2023 models. Relatively minor changes in their sizes indicate visual adjustments. More significant changes may appear in the form of revised electronics, but they are not shown in the approvals.

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The documents show that the BMW R 1250 R is also getting minor updates for 2023.

The documents show that the BMW R 1250 R is also getting minor updates for 2023. (BMW Motorrad/)

In particular, the designations of bicycle models were updated. Since its introduction in 2018, the current bikes have received the internal codes OJ71 for the R 1250 R and OJ81 for the R 1250 RS. For 2023 models, these codes become OM71 and OM81, respectively. However, Art 1254cc ShiftCam boxer-twin which is used in both models, is unchanged for the 2023 cars: power remains at 134 hp. at 7,750 rpm, and torque peaks at 105 lb-ft. at 6250 rpm.

One notable change is that the catalytic converter used on both models has been updated, assuming there were updates for improve emissions performance. There is a good chance that the change is related to the second stage of the Euro 5 emission regulations, which will be introduced in European markets between 2024 and 2025. These rules will introduce standardized OBD-II diagnostics with monitoring of the catalytic converter to ensure that its emissions performance does not deteriorate over time.

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While we don’t expect major visual changes to either model, there are signs that the 2023 bikes will be tweaked in appearance. Notably, the dimensions of the R 1250 RS are slightly different for 2023; it’s slightly shorter overall while retaining the same wheelbase as the current model, which suggests that the license plate bracket at the rear has been revised. It’s also about half an inch taller than the existing version, possibly indicating a change in windshield design. None of the dimensions have changed on the bare R 1250 R, but the fact that it was kept low-key and not announced alongside the other transition models indicates that there will be something visually different about it than simple color changes.


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