From time to time, our editors select one after-sales professional to get to know them a little better. Participants are asked to answer a series of questions that can be answered in about the same amount of time you would spend chatting in an office over a coffee shop or waiting for an elevator. In this installment of 5 Minutes With, we learn a little more about Glenn Wade, director of sales for Milwaukee Tools.

What was your first job in this field?

I started selling power tools in 1998. My first job focused on residential construction to introduce new wiring tools and equipment to contractors. Of all the industries I’ve worked in, from residential construction to industrial maintenance and electrical and plumbing, the automotive business was my favorite and that’s why I decided to stay in that industry.

What would you like most about your current position?

It’s exciting to be part of an organization that thrives on delivering new, innovative products that enable our users to be more productive and safer in the store. Milwaukee Tool is constantly investing in game-changing technologies that allow us to provide new, innovative solutions for automotive mechanics. We strive to make mechanics more profitable by increasing productivity and developing solutions that enable them to get the job done faster. Our speed to market when developing new products [the] the best in the industry. It’s great to be part of a winning team that is valued and appreciated by our distributor partners and the auto mechanics who sell and use our products.

Were you originally going to pursue a career in the aftermarket? If not, what drew you to the industry and what keeps you here?

My career began in professional power tools 25 years ago. Eight years ago, I joined a team dedicated to developing the Milwaukee Tool brand in the automotive aftermarket. The industry has changed with technology as the production of lithium batteries, electronics and brushless motors continues to evolve. This allows users to clip the hose to the air tools they have been using and adopt a cordless solution that is now smaller, more powerful and portable. What keeps me here is that our work is not done yet. There are many more commerce-focused solutions that our engineering teams are committed to innovating. Wait till you see what happens next!

What do you do when not at work?

On summer weekends, my family and I spend most of our free time at the lake where I grew up northeast of Nashville, Tennessee. Depending on the season, I also enjoy deep sea fishing, offshore sailing and rough water kayaking.

What one word best describes your personality?


What car do you drive?

Every day Ford F-150. However, I have two hobbies in the garage. One of them is a 1979 Porsche 911SC that I bought on a whim about 24 years ago. The roughness of the car, the lack of power steering, the lack of traction control, the lack of anything electronic makes it exciting to drive. The second car is a slightly rusty 1984 Jeep CJ7 Renegade. It’s a neighborhood family cruiser, 4-wheeler, and workhorse. I’m not trying to get it over 60 mph, too much white bone quotient.

What was your first car?

At age 15, I bought a 1989 Ford Escort GT with 140,000 miles on it. I bought it with money I earned from mowing and other odd jobs in the neighborhood. I ended up ruining the motor every day driving it to high school like I was exiting the second turn at Talladega.

Do you have a nickname?

G. Wade, G-Dub or just “G.”

Who was your childhood hero?

Jack Wade

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