Insulted and respected, Birkenstock has left its mark not only in the footwear industry but also in the fashion industry as a whole. From literally inventing the flag, to teaming up with legendary designers, the brand has come a long way since its first steps. And for a brand older than the United States, one would expect it to have a big impact.

We are deeply immersed in the German brand, its history, value and products.


The roots of Birkenstock can be traced back to 1774 in Langen-Bergheim, Germany. There, the founder Johann Adam Birkenstock worked as a shoemaker and was listed in the church archives as a “subject and shoemaker.”

The next step in the history of the company will not happen in a few generations, when in 1896 Konrad Birkenstock began to produce and sell flexible insoles. Shortly afterwards, at the turn of the 20th century, the step, as we know it today, really began to take shape when he introduced the first supporting arch.

These innovations paved the way for Birkenstock’s success and necessitated the opening of a new factory in Friedburg. After all, the shoes attracted attention among health professionals, and Karl Birkenstock’s training courses were even taught by doctors.

In the 1930s, Birkenstock coined the term “footstool” to describe its anatomically shaped insoles. However, the title was not just smart marketing. The insole has been precisely designed to fit the anatomical shape of the foot, providing stability and comfort. It had a deep concave heel bowl to maintain the owner’s natural cushioning on the heel bone; the support of the longitudinal arch and the transverse support of the arch, which helps in proper alignment and stability; raised socks, giving the feet more traction; and a generous seat in the footrest for comfort.


The step consists of four parts. The main part of the insole is its core. It is made of a mixture of cork and latex that is both flexible and cushioning. The rod rod is then clamped between two layers of natural jute fabric, which stabilizes the rod, allowing it to bend. The final layer – suede lining. It is soft to the touch and absorbs moisture well, providing significant odor control.

The company continues to produce the bulk of its footwear from high quality leather, suede and nubuck at its German factories. Meanwhile, a number of new styles are produced to the same high standards in Portugal. Today, the company has gone beyond its famous products by offering innovative new products and applying the Birkenstock spin to tried and tested designs.

Since Birkenstock made its way to the United States in 1966, it has only increased its audience by first gaining popularity in the hippie crowd. Although his shoes have succeeded in freedom-loving types, the fashion elite has also recognized him as an ugly shoe. However, as fashion cycles want to do, the infamous Birkenstock shoes eventually grew on its critics, paving the way for other shoes that cause a split like Crocs and was fully entrenched in culture as the main footwear in all style camps.



This is the part of the shoe on which the foot rests. Birkenstock is known for coming up with this term and creating shoes of ergonomic design. It consists of a cork and latex rod, between two layers of jute and suede lining.

Soft step

Birkenstock has two different flags that he uses for his shoe range. The soft screed includes all four layers of the original screed with an extra layer of foam just below the suede lining.


The midsole is made of natural cork, which provides the owner with support and comfort, adhering to the user’s feet.


In addition to stiletto options, Birkenstock also produces seasonal shoes with a warm sheepskin lining that is made from sheep wool.


Abbreviation for “ethylene vinyl acetate,” it is a type of lightweight plastic that is moldy and water resistant. Birkenstock produces a range of classic EVA shoes, making them perfect for the beach or pool.


This collection is Birkenstock’s brand step into luxury. Here Birkenstock collaborates with designers such as Rick Owens, Valentina and Stusy to produce limited series products.







$ 145.00

Among Birkenstock’s most famous shoes, Boston features a clog-style design with a closed toe and one adjustable strap. It is part of the Birkenstock Essentials footwear range and is available in plain and narrow widths, original and soft ties, as well as a range of evergreen and seasonal uppers.

Boston Sherling


Birkenstock Boston Shearling

Honestly, the Boston Shepherd is much more practical than the Arizona Shepherd. Because Boston is a closed toe sandal, your feet are already protected from the elements. Arab just gives warmth and some filling in your step.

Boston Super Grip


Birkenstock Boston Super Grip

Are you an avid owner of sandals and afraid to slip when the street is wet? Wear a Boston Super Grip, which is a regular Boston, but with better grip.



The open toe design with two straps is a feature of the Birkenstock line. The most common in synthetic material nubuck Birkenstock “Birkibuc”, the design was first introduced in 1973 and has remained unchanged since then.

Arizona vegan


Birkenstock Arizona Vegan

They are the same as other Arizona ones, but made with Birko-Flor nubuck, a PVC material designed to look like leather.

Arizona Vegan Canvas


Vegan canvas Birkenstock Arizona

Instead of alternative leather this vegan Arizona uses canvas for belts. It creates a different look and feel, but it’s the same sandals.

Arizona Sherling


Birkenstock Arizona Sheep

This is the same Arizona you know and love – not vegan, by the way – with a soft warm sheepskin lining.

Arizona Essentials


Birkenstock Arizona Essentials

New a few years ago, Arizona Essential is a rubberized version of classic sandals. It is also cheaper, creating fewer barriers to entry for some people.



Thong-style sandals, Gizeh has an adjustable strap and an open-toed design.





$ 125.00

Milano has a trio of adjustable straps. As in Arizona, two straps cover the top of the foot, and an added third strap wraps around the Achilles.



Madrid is Birkenstock’s oldest design and was first released as gymnastic sandals. It has a single strap on the branded cork insole with suede lining.



This reef on the Gizeh combines a thong-style top with an adjustable strap on the Boston.



London is very reminiscent of Boston, with an adjustable strap at the top of the shoe and a design adjacent to the toe. However, London also has a quarter and a heel.



Lugano features a unique cross-section, laced top with one adjustable buckle.



This modern type of sandals has a closed top with a clasp on the hooks and straps, as well as an open toe.



Como are thong-style sandals similar to the iconic Gizeh design. However, the Como has a built-in strap that tapers to the insole, giving it a smoother look.



The Atacama boasts a reliable sole designed for outdoor activities. Its top is made of Birko-Flor material and is secured with double straps.



Another design part of the Birkenstock range, nature-oriented, Tatacoa resembles Milano with double straps and a heel strap. However, the sturdy sole, the straps on the hooks and the buckles and clasps make it ready for intense wear.



The sandals on the straps have two thin straps and an extra loop.

Super Tags


Designed for professional use, Super-Birki is a clog-style shoe made with a PU upper and sole that is waterproof, non-slip, oil- and grease-resistant. It also has a removable screed.

Profi Tags


Like the Super-Birki, the Profi-Birki is designed to be worn in the workplace. The main difference here is that the Profi-Birki has a higher backdrop, making it more slippery than clogs.

Birki Air Antistatic


Birkenstock Birki Air Antistatic

Birki Air Antistatic has better breathability than its analogues, suitable for work, but comes with several air lugs for air flow.

A 630


Like the Super-Birki, the A 630 is a clog-style work shoe with waterproof and non-slip features. The top, however, is designed with a smooth texture rather than pebbles and comes with a suede lining.



The A 640, like the Profi-Birki and A630, features a sleek PU top with suede lining and a higher back.



Gary shoes with laces in the style of Oxford have a suede lining without lining with a collapsible heel and cork insole.



Oswego is a slip-on top made of canvas and suede and elastic details. It has a suede lining, a removable screed and a rubber sole.



Callan is a casual shoe made of suede, synthetic microfiber and EVA soles.



Montana is a unique shoe with a leather upper, fastened with two rivets, laces and without seams.

Pasadena III


Given classic Tyrolean-style shoes such as the famous Paraboot Michael, Pasadena has a moccasin-style sock and a two-mesh design.

Bend over


This style of skate shoes features a leather upper with a sole with a rubber cup and firmware on the side.



This is Birkenstock’s view of Chelsea shoes. It features elastic side panels with a leather upper and a sole with spikes.



Marton is inspired by heritage work shoes with firmware on the toes and durable leather upper. Its open cork midsole makes it unique to Birkenstock.



Milton imitates the classic design of desert boots with a suede top, a simple sock and lace-up details with two meshes.



Built like slippers, Zermatt is a clog-style shoe with a cozy woolen upper, warm latex lining and latex sole.

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