If the law doesn’t get you, karma will. That’s the conclusion we draw from this video of a scooter rider getting a taste of his own medicine after trying crash a police car in North Wales.

The clip shows a police patrol car parked on a wet city street in Wrexham as a man on a scooter appears on the same road and approaches the car. An ATV is also seen driving illegally on the sidewalk. There is no sign of the police officer, so the vandals have to damage the police car and escape. But it doesn’t happen like that.

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As the scooterist approaches the car, he kicks out his right leg, and does it so hard that we can see the driver’s side door mirror in a police car to break his mount and dangle limply as if he had been hit by another car passing too close.

But even this blow was strong enough to completely destabilize the scooter rider, whose front tire slips out from under him on the wet road surface, sending the scooter and driver sliding down the street. The rider was not wearing a helmet, but he was lucky to fall with his arms outstretched, saving his head from hitting the ground. But even so, you just know that when he wakes up tomorrow, it’s not just his pride that will hurt.

Next we see the heavy scooter pilot frantically trying to get his car back together so they can escape, but how he pulls a scooter in the upright position, the seat reclines. At that moment, an ATV rider comes to the rescue, grabbing the seat and several other pieces of the broken scooter from the floor, and the humiliated vandal flees the scene.

North Wales Police were unable to arrest the vandal at the scene but are appealing for the public’s help to identify the pair, particularly the scooter rider who, Inspector Luke Hughes said, “underestimated the strength of his spaghetti legs, causing more damage [his scooter] than a police car” BBC News reports.


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