The AAM Group presented awards to nine supplier partners at its annual members meeting on May 10-12 in Frisco, Texas. Categories marked by the Partnership and Group Impact Awards also included data quality, fastest growth, staff excellence, marketing support, innovative product, profit generator and delivery excellence.

The winners are the following:

  • Lipert accepted Partnership An award that honors a vendor who has demonstrated excellent overall performance in all categories of awards. AAM brands under the auspices of Lippert include ARIES, CURT, LUVERNE, Ranch Hand and UWS.
  • The Group influence The award went Westin Automotive for contributing to the success and growth of AAM’s headquarters, members and resellers.
  • Presented from Data quality award, LUVERN has earned special recognition for the quality and completeness of data on its products.
  • Retrax took home The fastest growing Award for achieving the highest sales growth in percentage compared to the previous year.
  • Air Lift accepted Working skills Award for the most reliable sales representation, including actively maintaining strong relationships with retailers and warehouses.
  • The Marketing support The award, which is awarded to a supplier who demonstrates exceptional marketing concepts and performance, received CABRI.
  • The Lifting rack system won Innovative product Award.
  • The Profit generator Prize awarded Great Country / Go Rhinorecognized the partner-supplier who created the greatest opportunities for profit in the field of distribution and retail.
  • The Shipping Excellence The award went ARC lightingwhich demonstrated the best overall performance of purchase orders.

Winners of the Ambassador Award:

AAM said it also named six laureates of the Ambassador Award, which is given to key individuals who have provided unique and unusual support to member distributors.

  • John Gleason (United Sales Associates)
  • Brad Goodfellow (NOTE)
  • Larry Lyon (Bestop)
  • Shane McNally (Lipert)
  • Brian Schmidt (Putco)
  • Andrew Schroeder (Truck Hero)

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