we recently reported to a teaser released by Acura regarding their “Precision EV Concept,” which promises an August 18 unveiling. As promised, the Precision EV debuted yesterday at Monterey Car Week.

The Acura Precision EV concept is said to be a preview of the automaker’s future design language and electrification efforts. Acura is preparing to launch its first all-electric vehicle, an SUV, in 2024. We’ll have to wait and see how well it lives up to the Precision EV concept, but so far we like what we’ve got.

Returning to the design language, the Precision EV’s aesthetic was inspired by the “elegance, artistry and harmony of form and function unique to luxury Italian powerboats.” This provides a wide stance and a defined profile – a theme we’re seeing more and more automakers start to follow. The biggest design draw is the theatrical lighting hidden in the Acura “Diamond Pentagon” grille; Blue LEDs do not just attract attention, but signal on the transmissions of electric vehicles of the platform.

Unfortunately, Acura has not provided any specifications or performance figures for the Precision EV powertrain. In all fairness, this is a concept car, and we’re sure Acura wants to keep its cards close until they’re ready to discuss this brand’s first foray into all-electric mobility.

We did get a look at the interior; a performance-focused design said to have been inspired by the F1 cockpit – a low driving position, high driver performance and a two-knob steering yoke. Two specific interior modes, “Instinctive Drive” and “Spiritual Lounge”, are suitable for both driving and leisure; Spiritual Lounge retracts the steering wheel, introduces pleasant smells and projects underwater animations. Perhaps more in tune with nature are eco-friendly materials, including recycled plastics and aluminum, 100 percent biomass leather, and responsibly harvested wood.

The Precision EV concept may have had its world premiere yesterday, but Acura is also publicly debuting the model today, August 19, at The Quail, Motorsports Gathering. It will then head to the concept lawn of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance for a demonstration on Sunday, August 21.


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