The world of driver assistance technology is rapidly changing and improving with each new set of releases, and Chevy is making strides in incorporating more safety features into its models. Your local Chevy dealer now there are many models equipped with the most advanced safety technologies. But with all the new growth and changes, there are now many different features available in cars that can be confusing or difficult to understand. We know that for us, the first time we drove and the car corrected us, it was almost a surreal experience. We’re getting closer and closer to having cars that can take us anywhere without any effort on our part, so it’s a good idea to see how these safety features affect one of the most popular manufacturers.

Chevy Safety Assist Package

As for Chevy, the brand has several different options and safety packages. The main package you’ll find is the Chevy Safety Assist Package. This safety package is now standard on most Chevy models and includes six of the most valuable and sought-after security features available on the market.

Lane keeping assistance and lane departure warning

This security feature was included for a variety of reasons. Primarily, it warns drivers when they start to cross yellow or white lines. If the driver does not begin to correct the vehicle back into the marked lane, the car will perform subtle and gentle self-correcting maneuvers to bring it back to where it should be.

We really like this safety feature because it helps us feel more in control and aware of road situations. It also gives us some confidence that if we have to check the rearview mirror or if we look at our passenger for even a second, the car will keep us on the straight and narrow. Something about this feature that we really think is an impressive display of technological prowess is how it can detect when you’re intentionally driving outside the limits. This means that when you change lanes, your car will recognize that you are making these movements on purpose and will not correct itself.

Head-on collision alert

This security feature is mostly self-explanatory, but again, it’s important to include it in your security package. This lets you know when you are approaching vehicles in front of you too quickly, or when the vehicle in front of you is stopping and you are not stopping as well. We think this is an important feature because sometimes the drivers in front of you don’t signal when they’re turning, or their brake lights may not work. In other cases, we don’t always have a good idea of ​​how long it takes for vehicles to stop. This is a smart safety feature – your car’s way of telling you that you need to start slowing down to avoid an accident. This eliminates questions about whether you need to give the car in front of you more room to turn.

Automatic emergency braking

This safety feature combines with your vehicle’s forward collision warning, and if you don’t begin to slow down to a stop, your vehicle will begin to stop itself. This can be very handy if a car jumps out in front of you and cuts you off, or if you’re slower and need to stop quickly. This takes reaction time out of the equation because your car will react for you and help you avoid the crash ahead.

Braking of the pedestrian in front

This feature can be a literal lifesaver for those outside the vehicle. Designed to operate at speeds of 50 mph or less, front pedestrian braking can mitigate the severity of a frontal collision with a person. This braking system automatically applies the car’s brakes when it senses a person in front. Chevy incorporating this into their safety system is a really smart move because it adds an extra layer of protection for those outside of the car.


IntelliBeam is there ChevyA new creative name for the upgraded headlight package. This lighting upgrade allows your car to take into account the conditions outside the car and then adjust the headlights for high or low beam to create optimal visibility regardless of the weather. This is a feature we think is very important because we can’t even count the number of times we’ve been driving in fog or rain and realized we weren’t using our lights. This feature saves drivers from getting confused about which light setting they should be using and makes sure they never forget to use their lights.

Tracking distance indicator

We love this feature, not necessarily for ourselves, but for other drivers. The following distance indicator is a setting to relieve road rage because it lets drivers know how close they are to the car in front of them. Your car will tell you how close you are and then you can tell if you are too close to another car. While we love this feature for others because we’re tired of our bumper almost hitting it, it’s also good for us because it allows us to consider how much space we need for safe stops.

Additional help

Chevy’s safety package has all the basic features plus a couple more, but they also have other optional extras that may not be necessary for all drivers, but most of us will certainly need them.


At the touch of a button, Chevy drivers can get help at any time of the day or night. OnStar is able to assist drivers involved in an accident, vehicle theft, dangerous road situation or road emergency. We’ll pay for this feature just for the peace of mind that comes from being able to push a button, someone could help us get what we need.

Safety warning seat

The Safety Alert Seat is one of those features that really shows how far the automotive world has come in terms of safety. This aspect allows the driver’s seat to vibrate in response to perceived and potential accidents. The seat will send a vibration to either side of the driver’s seat to alert drivers from which side an accident may occur, reducing reaction time because the driver does not have to wait for a visual stimulus to make an evasive reaction. This innovative safety detail simply puts the Chevy above many competitors.

An orange 2022 Chevy Colorado is shown from the front at an angle on a city street.

A teenage driver

The last safety feature we’re going to look at is important to any parent whose teen is starting to drive. It’s a piece of technology for peace of mind, and it has many settings that can be adjusted to help teen drivers have better and more conscious driving habits. It even has the ability to create a report card that can be used to adjust settings. Teen Driver encourages teens to buckle up to drive and drive without distraction.

Keeping safety in mind

When it comes to safety, Chevy has some incredibly innovative technologies that are definitely worth checking out. What’s more, most of these features are now standard The Chevy line, so you won’t have to hunt down Chevy dealers to find a vehicle with the safety features you need. After looking at the many different options and safety features, we can confidently say that we feel safe in the Chevy.

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