Advik Hi-Tech, a manufacturer of automotive components, has announced a new exclusive licensing agreement with Entecnia from Spain for electric vacuum pumps used in passenger car braking systems.

Thanks to Entecnia’s patented technology in the field of electric vacuum pumps and Advik’s manufacturing capabilities, this product will serve electric vehicles and internal combustion engines for automotive devices.

This agreement is a strategic approach as it accelerates Advik to offer the latest technology in electric vacuum pumps to global OEMs. In 2021, Advik acquired Hanon Systems in Bangalore, which specializes in mechanical vacuum pumps. Through this latest technical collaboration, Advik seeks to stay ahead of the vacuum pump technology curve.

The electric vacuum pump is a key product for xEV cars, including cars with internal combustion engines for braking systems, and this collaboration will expand Advik’s offering for xEV cars.

Adita Bharti, Managing Director of the Advik Group of Companies, said: “This partnership is a strategic step in expanding our customer base and product portfolio. As Advik gets PLI (Production Linked Incentive) for automotive components, this partnership makes even more strategic sense, as Advik will be able to cater to OEMs in the xEV space and help them reduce CO2 emissions by 2 g / km for cars with ICE ».

Javier Suns, Managing Director of Entecnia, said: “At Advik we see a great company that is working on the latest technology and is committed to growth by adding cutting-edge products to its portfolio before the market needs it.”

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