Honda 2Wheelers India has launched iOS integration for Honda smartphone voice control system on its HNess CB350 motorcycle.

Author: HT Auto Desk
07 May 2022, 09:48

The H’Ness CB 350 gets a smart Honda voice control system.

Honda 2Wheelers India has launched iOS integration for the Honda smartphone voice control system on its HNess CB350, previously the same was only available with Android Auto. The Honda Smartphone Voice Command system works by connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth and displays calls, messages and navigation information. However, this feature is only available in the DLX Pro and Anniversary Edition versions of the highest bike specification. While the DLX Pro was rated in 2.03,179, the cost of the anniversary edition 2.05,679 (both ex-salon, Delhi).

Apart from the new iOS compatibility integration, the rest of the motorcycle details remain the same. It still has the same set of features such as full LED lighting, Honda torque selection, auxiliary and slip clutch, semi-digital dashboard, side stand with engine inhibitors and dual-channel ABS.

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In the center of the motorcycle is a single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 348.3 cc, which provides a capacity of 21 liters. The engine comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. The equipment kit on the motorcycle includes telescopic front forks, double rear springs and disc brakes on both wheels.

Meanwhile, Honda has implemented a new price increase for its popular Activa 125 and Activa 6G scooters. Both scooters have become expensive in the range 500 yes 1000. And the last change in prices comes into force on April 1. While the Honda Activa 6G range now begins with 71,432 onwards, the Activa 125 is now listed with 74,989 onwards. (Both ex-salon prices, Delhi)

Date of first publication: 9 May 2022, 09:48 IST

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