Alonso finished ninth at the Miami Grand Prix, having already received a five-second penalty during the race for a clash with Alpha Tauri the driver Pierre Gasley.

But a two-time world champion dropped out of points if a second five-second penalty was imposed by FIA stewards for leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

On the 53rd lap Alonso cut the chicane on turn 14, allowing him further away Mick Schumacher and exit the DRS range of the Haas driver. It was believed that he gained a solid advantage, which led to the appointment of a penalty.

In a statement posted on social media from Alpine on Wednesday, CEO Laurent Rossi criticized the decision, arguing that Alonso had given Schumacher back time on the same lap and that the team had not been able to clarify that.

“Fernando’s disappointing penalty after the race for leaving the track and gaining the upper hand means that our six points on the checkered flag turned into four points, and it cost us twice the well-deserved finish,” Rossi said.

“It is, of course, difficult to accept, as Fernando regained his time on the circle and we were unable to provide evidence to explain the specific situation before the fine was imposed.

“Having the opportunity to explain, we are very confident that Fernando would retain his ninth place.

“Next weekend we will go to Spain again, where we are determined to put together a much more beautiful and, more honest, racing weekend and demonstrate the real potential of our package.”

Fernando Alonso, climber

Photo by Mark Satan / Drawings of motorsport

Penalties like this are not subject to appeal, and no subpoenas are issued so that the team or driver can argue their case, leaving the decision to the stewards.

Alonso’s penalty was taken Williams the driver Alex Albon to ninth place as well as surrender Lance Stroll 10th place is only one tenth of a second in the final classification.

It was Alonso’s fourth race in a row without scoring any points. The Spaniard has already regretted his luck this year, saying that after the race in Miami “there were no gifts” and “there are still no lucky points, but hopefully one day it will come.”

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