I confess – in the past in this column everything was quite strange and wild. But so far I like the vehicles electric submarines, backyard trainsand buses for tiger-shaped parties they all have a certain indescribable charm, this week’s electric car stretches the boundaries of what you might reasonably call a “vehicle”.

But again, for that we are here. It just wouldn’t Amazing electric car of the week Alibaba if it weren’t both weird and weird. And while I know I may never get Pulitzer for this thankless job, it’s enough to know that people are at least scratching their heads and saying, “Well, yes.” So pin up because it will be a wild trip.

Not wild in the traditional sense, mind you. These plush rides are not particularly high power class cars.

A 100-watt electric motor, tiny wheels and a top speed of around 5 km / h (3 mph) are not champions, that’s for sure. But stuffing? What we can find here in the mass.

These oversized plush animals are filled to the brim with a combination of stuffing, batteries and cheap wiring. It was as if they had packed a fiery triangle into a new hilarious package.

That sounds like a recipe for success. It is not true if we put the most vulnerable members of society on these things …

And of course, the wild faces on the front of these motorized monsters also don’t help. Imagine you are a two year old child who is getting ready to ride one of them at a fair and then turns around to see this beast pounce on you. The pig’s nose, the dog’s ears, the smile of a mad hyena and the bloodshot eyes of a washed-out anime character who has been seen too much. It’s a nightmarish fuel, right there.

I guess I should be at least happy that things are rolling, not galloping. They are a little more accessible in this fur cart and maybe even a little more maneuverable.

In fact they seem to be doing surprisingly well. The entire front (upper body?) Rotates when the rider (hostage?) Turns the steering wheel, giving a small turning radius.

Surprisingly, the fluffy Ferrari even has a reverse mode, and it allows you to move quickly in tight spaces.

The devil even copes well with rugged terrain, at least for the stuffed animal. Check it out in the video below!

But at the same time I have to think about whether these things have other good possibilities.

Of course, they seem to be designed for children’s shops and kindergartens. I also see them in the children’s corner of a traveling fair with a chain that is constantly spinning, that a stuffed elephant is on a charger and that an incomprehensibly wet unicorn requires care for a detained wheel.

It may be a home environment for this motley group of friends from the jungle, but I think we can do better.

Imagine how epic the show would be if the main attraction made a grand entrance to one of these things! Now it’s a rave!

You’ve heard of the Segway polo, right? Well, what if we had the attributes of a whole new sport here? Just $ 100-350 apiecewe could equip an entire league at the expense of one Segway!

Or maybe we could get a big beach ball and play motorized fluffy football on those things.

What about bumper cars? Derby under demolition? Cavalry paintball charge? Evel Knivel-style bus jumping? If you find one with burnt fur, it may or may not be due to a fire stunt that went wrong as planned.

Maybe it’s time to rent a local go-kart and run our own Furry 500. I know what I’m doing for my next birthday!

Imagine the next fluffy convention in your city, where everyone will ride on their motorized stuffed animals! Everyone could come with their face!

True, I planned to delve much deeper into this aspect, but I just couldn’t move forward in Furry’s Wikipedia article while researching this article. There are some things you just can’t unlearn, people.

Suffice it to say that while these celebrated children’s toys can be a nightmare at a local amusement park, I think they have a whole new outlook on life in the adult world.

At least if they don’t light up first.

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