Brilliant electric sports cars and massive electric trucks may attract more attention and headlines, but it is Joe’s electric vehicles with an average look that will make a real difference in our cities. But just because something like a van with an electric panel doesn’t sound catchy, it doesn’t mean it can’t be weird in its own way! Just check out this cool electric panel van that I found in my latest dumpster by diving into the electric vehicles section of Alibaba’s massive online store. It may not be that the most high-tech electric car from Chinabut it sure offsets that in funk balls!

And that’s what it takes in order to score the highest amount in this week’s edition Amazing electric car of the week Alibaba.

This cargo van can be described on it sales list as a “high-speed” electric car, but you have to remember that the EV market on Alibaba needs to be seen in context.

Compared with the litany of 15 miles per hour funny little electric cars we saw, this electric van at 45 miles per hour is approaching relativistic speed. Put the twin in this thing and throw a brick at the accelerator to play Einstein’s “who’s getting older faster?” the problem in real life.

Okay, so that’s not the case what soon. But there are many uses where 45 miles per hour would be enough!

As a city delivery vehicle, a local van or even like Electric crackleThe zombie apocalypse’s own car, it seems to our busy schedule, seems to be the true fate of this van. I guess as long as you can roll faster than a wandering zombie, you should be pretty good at it.

Even if you used it for more common tasks, this van is fully equipped.

There are two models with different lithium battery capacities that offer 10.37 kW / h or 20.74 kW / h. This is apparently equal to 75 or 136 miles (120 or 220 km) range.

The list of accessories is quite short and consists of three elements and states: “towing hook, warning triangle and reflective vest.” I’m not quite sure how much this warning triangle and reflective vest will help if you’re stuck on the side of the road. “Sorry, driver. In case you missed my huge orange van, can I draw your attention to my vest? ”

Although the battery capacity is pretty decent and the list of accessories … exists, the engine seems to be a bit lacking in the power department. The 15 kW transmission provides 20-horsepower rear wheels. This may not seem like much power for a cargo van, which is supposed to be designed to carry cargo, but let me remind you of the top speed of 45 miles per hour.

Another note for usefulness: I hope you won’t be left alone as they seem to have fallen in price on the seats. In this big old van you can find exactly one place. Instead of giving you a bench in front, they seemed to feel that there was not enough cargo space behind. Thus, the passenger seat is replaced by a void, which is somehow comfortable, so inconvenient.

This could make the whole idea of ​​a van life a little more complicated, except for a holiday for yourself “me, me and me”.

Despite this, it is difficult for me to complain about such a price. For just $ 9,000 of legal payment you could sit nicely in the captain’s chair of your own moderately fast electric freight van. And since the minimum order quantity is one unit, you don’t even need friends to join a group purchase.

One place? Don’t need friends to order multiple blocks? A van without windows? Man, these people really know their customer!

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