Tent trucks have become one of the most popular leisure accessories for pickup owners. If you’ve been thinking about getting a tent for your pickup’s bed, right now you can purchase the best-selling tent for trucks on Amazon with huge savings. It’s usually around $ 180, but now you can pick up the Rightline Gear Truck Tent in short (five-foot) or standard (6.5-foot) sizes for just $ 108.

Such a deal on summer street accessories can be hard to come by at the end of the season; Numerous types of outdoor activities have accumulated and killed deals a few months ago. To see a 40 percent discount now that Remembrance Day weekend is just around the corner and much of the U.S. is already feeling the heat seems to be kidnapping.


Full Size Standard Rightline Gear Truck Tent (6.5 Feet)

Rightline Gear

$ 179.95

$ 108.30 (40% off)

Tents on trucks are more comfortable than conventional camping tents, and with modern mounting technology and materials you can set them up and disassemble yourself in minutes. We haven’t used or tested this particular tent against competitors, but at that price, even if it only lasts a year or two, it still feels like a bargain.

Made from weather-resistant fabric with sealed seams, this tent is praised and received great reviews from Amazon buyers. It has a floorless design that allows you to set up and demolish the tent without removing any equipment from the bed – it’s convenient. Even better, if the truck bed is dirty or dirty from work, you’ll be grateful to keep the tent away from this mess; just throw a tarp and then cover the floor of the bed with the filing of your choice.

Only one person with both feet standing on the ground is required to set up a tent that comes with colored sticks. It looks like your knees don’t strain when you climb in and out of the truck bed or use the step to reach the high poles.

The Tent for pickups Rightline equipped with two internal pockets for equipment, a hook for lanterns, a zipper that glows in the dark, and a vent with a view of the sky with a rain fly to sleep under the stars and the necessary ventilation. All windows and doors have mesh screens and shower pads. There are seat belts and plastic buckles designed to avoid damaging the finish of your truck.

Rightline has eight tents of different sizes for different pickups and bed sizes, and we found that a few of them usually cost $ 179.95 or $ 189.95 (depending on size and style) for just $ 108.30. I can’t say how long this deal will last, but with summer picnics, weekend trips, campsites and park days on the horizon, there’s no time to waste.

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