Mikey Lou Sanchez turns out to be the leader in the ESBK Moto4 class with two successful finishes last weekend [May 14-15] in Circuito do Estoril, Portugal.

The weekend started very difficult for Mikey in both free practices. He struggled to reduce lap time and qualified for the P12, but with the help of Mikey’s team was confident he participated in the first race on Saturday afternoon.

The first race was very close: nine riders competed in one group for the finish on the podium! At the finish line, all nine riders crossed the finish line almost side by side. Mikey chose a line near the inner wall and was able to take a solid seventh place.

In the second race the fighting continued on the first few laps, but the group was split as a result of an accident between the two riders. Mikey ended up in the second group, battling seven riders, only this time they battled for fourth place.

On the last lap Mikey led the group throughout the lap and was able to restrain them and prevent them from pulling him to the finish line to take the tough fourth place!

Mikey said, “I was going to go with the front group and try to get on the pedestal, but one child jumped in front of me and I lost touch with them. On the last lap in the last turn, I knew I had to keep them from dragging me through the finish line, so I used the move that Max Toth taught me last month, and it worked! ”

For eight races in the ESBK Moto4 Championship Mike is ranked seventh in the rankings.

The next race will take place on June 25-26 on the Barcelona-Catalonia track.

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