On lap 95, Larson slid up Wallace and knocked him into the outer wall. As Wallace was coming back down the track, he hit the right rear of Larson’s No. 5 Chevrolet, causing both cars to spin.

Driver playoffs Christopher Bell was also demolished in an accident and out of the race.

After getting out of his own car, Wallace approached Larson’s wrecked car and began pushing Larson.

“Cliff (Daniels, crew chief 5) is smart enough to know how easily these cars break,” Wallace said. – When you are pushed into the fence, on purpose, as he (Larson), trying to get me up – he had no steering, and he just ended up there. I hate it for our team. We had a high-speed car – not at short speed, we were kind of falling backwards, and Larsson wanted to make it a three-wide dive bomb. He never released me. I don’t lift. I know I’m new to front running, but I don’t lift. I wasn’t even in a place to pick up, he never picked up either, and now we’re trash. A failed attempt to execute him.”

He then told NBC to “stop fishing” when they asked if it was possibly revenge.

On the physical confrontation, Wallace added, “He (Larsson) knows. He knows what he did wrong. He wanted to ask what I did for a living and never released me. I just hate it for our team. Our McDonalds Toyota Camry was very solid – just needed to find a little short term and get the balance where it was needed. It would be like Kansas, and now the car is junk.”

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Photo: Ben Earp / NKP / Images of motor sports

Larson was also checked out and released from the indoor center, and he said he was not surprised by Wallace’s anger.

No, it didn’t surprise me, Larson said. – Obviously, I made an aggressive move in the third move; got down, untied and chased him a bit. He (Baba Wallace) got to my right front and it pinned him against the wall. I knew he was going to get revenge. He had reason to be angry, but his race wasn’t over until he got his revenge.

“It is what it is. It’s just that aggression turned into frustration, and he retaliated.”

With recent concerns over injuries and concussions from Next Gen crashes, Larson was asked about his thoughts on what he sees as revenge.

“I think with everything that’s been going on here lately, with the head injuries and the torn ligaments and all of that, I don’t think that’s probably the right thing to do,” Larson added.

“We all did it – maybe not all of us – but I did. I used to let my emotions get the better of me too. I know he must still be upset. I’m sure with everything that’s going on, he’ll know he made a mistake in terms of retribution, and I’m sure he’ll think twice about it next time.”

Regarding the confrontation, he added that he would have preferred more than smashing cars.

“No, I saw him coming and thought he was going to do something. As I said, he had every right to be upset. I’d like him to do that (and not) than tear up our cars dangerously. It is what it is.’

In his interview, Bell said it was “obviously revenge” on Wallace’s part.