This story contains independent illustrations of the fictional Polestar SE Concept crossover by automotive designer Zhiheng Guo, which are not affiliated with or endorsed by Polestar.

Polestar has evolved from Volvo’s little-known performance division into a leader in electric vehicles, and after launching a new Pole star 3, perhaps its sales will soar. Of course, the automaker will not stop at 3.

The automaker has already confirmed the release of the Polestar 4, 5 and 6 models, all of which will be launched in the coming years. Dubbed the Polestar SE Concept, this particular creation may not be an official product of the Swedish brand, but it could be an important addition to its range.

Brought to life by the designer Zhiheng Guo As part of Polestar’s 2021 summer design challenge, the SE concept takes the form of a high-performance SUV with key design cues from the company that could potentially become the marque’s flagship SUV and possibly compete with Lotus Eletre.

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The front of the concept has an easily recognizable Polestar face thanks to slim headlights and LED daytime running lights. Although it lacks the traditional grille, it still has a pretty sharp look thanks to the sharp angles and surfaces that catch the eye. An illuminated Polestar badge is also visible.

The SE Concept’s side profile is intriguing, to say the least. Unlike any SUV currently on the market, it has a very low and sleek roofline with narrow side windows and a sharply tapered rear window and statement. Second-row headroom probably wouldn’t be great, but thanks to the long wheelbase, we suspect legroom would be adequate.

The bold design elements continue at the rear, most notably with the LED panel and taillights that mimic sexy lights Polestar 6 roadster concept. There is also a prominent skid plate at the back.

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Images by Zhiheng Guo