Currently, Andretti is insisting on the creation of Operation F1, which will join the network from 2024 as the 11th team after seeing his bid for the acquisition of Sauber, which manages Alpha Romeo detachment, disbanded late last year.

Although the FIA ​​has not yet opened the formal process for new teams to enter Formula One, Andretti – the son of 1978 world champion Mario Andretti – was in Miami to try to gain support in his application by meeting with the FIA. F1 and others. team leaders.

But the reaction of the teams remained warm amid concerns that the 11th team, which will join the network, will reduce the prize pool and disrupt the current stability on the field of 10 teams.

Red Bull team leader Christian Horner said he believes the US driver will be more efficient for Formula One growth in the United States than adding an American team in the form of Andretti, which already has teams in IndyCar, Indy Lights, Formula E, Extreme E and Supercars.

Andretti disagreed with Horner’s assessment, explaining that only his new team offers American riders the opportunity to get into Formula One.

“We want to be an American team that wants to develop American drivers for the future,” Andretti said.

“There is no one there to do that. That’s where we want to be. For the American racer, there is no real legal way to get into Formula One. There simply isn’t.

“We want to pave the way for Formula One.”

Coltan Hertha, Andretti Autosport Honda

Photo: IndyCar Series

If Andretti’s attempt to take over Sauber was successful, the plan was to place his IndyCar driver Colt Gert at one of the races. Hertha completed some simulator running in Hinville, and late last year was prepared to perform at FP1 before the deal fell apart.

Andretti is still trying to single out Hertha as one of the riders, calling him the “perfect example” of an American who should already be in F1.

“He should be in F1 right now, he has that talent, but they ran out of money, so they went back to the States,” Andretti said.

“So he left [the American] route. I want to make sure we can get the kids out of karting and give them a way, and if they’re good enough, they’ll hopefully get into Formula One, and we’ll have a team to do that.

“And we would know they would get a legitimate shot. There won’t be any that they’re full of fuel in there and they don’t know it, stuff like that.

“There will be a legitimate deal.”

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