Android Auto users expect a pretty significant update soon. Google has revealed a whole new look and design for Android Auto on his own Google I / O last week’s event, and the main takeaway is new flexibility.

Car manufacturers do not quite match the different sizes and orientations of the screens used in cars. Many prefer the widescreen format, while others prefer the vertical-oriented portrait format, and there are so many others in between. Previously, this was problematic for Android Auto because it was not designed to perfectly fill the screen with any possible screen shape. In addition, the fashionable split screen feature was only supported for a small number of vehicles. Now, however, Google says it has fixed the problem. Now Android Auto will fit any screen size and shape of your car, be it tall and skinny or short and wide. And a new split screen feature should work on every car.

In addition to better integration, the look of Android Auto has been updated to bring it in line with the latest Android software you see on your phones. Fonts, shapes, and a common user interface should now look more familiar to those whose Android phones work with standard Android software.

The aforementioned split screen mode also got a new design for this version of Android Auto. Google says the data it has collected on how people use Android Auto shows that people mostly use it for navigation, media and communication. So split-screen viewing now consists of three tiles for these three things. This means you can always see your navigation, current media and any missed communications (texts, phone calls) in one place. Of course, you can also just zoom in on any of them if you prefer to focus on one specific app, such as navigation.

The latest announced Google change for this new Android Auto is Better Integration Assistant. The car will actively offer replies to text messages from friends or allow you to quickly share arrival times with the person of your choice. He will even recommend musical options.

All these changes are planned to be introduced “in the coming months”, so if you use Android Auto, pay attention to the new look and new features that will appear in the infotainment system of your car this summer.

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