Apple’s project is rumored to be an electric car codenamed «The titanium project“It has been in the air for quite some time, but now it seems that it is gaining more and more traction every day. The final step in this saga stems from the fact that the tech giant has poached over a longtime Ford chief, probably in an effort to further accelerate car development.

Desi Uikashevich has worked for Ford for more than three decades, and for many years she was responsible for overseeing the design of the exterior, interior and chassis, as well as electrical components for various Ford vehicles. Most recently, she served as Ford’s global director of automotive safety, a position that the company said covered autonomous car safety systems.

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Desi Uikashevich – photo Ford

This is very important for development Apple‘s Project Titan, as the company recently announced, is focusing on fully autonomous driving for the car’s planned launch, which is rumored but unconfirmed to take place as early as 2025. The car is said to have a Level 4 (or in some cases Level 5) ability to self-drive that “does not require human intervention”. However, if this technology is not ready in time, the company reportedly initially considered producing a car with a limited set of semi-autonomous features similar to many modern cars.

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Uikashevich’s employment is even more important considering how many employees the company has lost in the fields of mechanical engineering, robotics and sensors. Also with other electronics companies like Sony By dipping its fingers into the electric car market, it may become increasingly important for Apple to produce Project Titan to ensure their future success.

The future of Apple’s electric cars is still shrouded in mystery, but with Uikashevich joins other leaders of the automotive industry from such as BMWTesla and Waymo, the project looks closer to reality than ever.

Note: This story contains an independent and hypothetical illustration of an Apple iCar made by Carscoops artist Josh Byrnes.

Illustrations Copyright Byrnes

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