In today’s issue Duner and Dude talking to Nathan Strang of Flexport about what’s going on in the docks. He recently went down to the port of Baltimore to find out how his new Zim service will work, and talks about how Amazon is helping fill the port. In addition, we will look at the state of West Coast ports and ILWU labor talks. Will automation talk lead to shutdown?

Rachel Premak of FreightWaves explains why diesel is running out in the northeast, a strategy that drivers use during a blitz week, and shares her thoughts with # FOSC22.

YouTuber Sage News talks about its down-to-earth view of the destruction of the freight market for an audience of more than 15,000 subscribers.

Nick Lester of River City Logistics talks about returning to the community, the biggest logistics challenges this summer and the craziest moments while working with swimming pools in Las Vegas.

Back James “The Rooster” Bowen from The Truck Up and “Super Trucker” Justin Martin talk about the latest about Lance Reed and the fiasco at prom this week in betting, road rage and weeks of blitz.

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