Commercial vehicle maker Ashok Leyland has planned to launch in the CNG and LNG segments soon. The company will come out with Dost + CNG, Bada Dost CNG, EComet CNG, AVTR to CNG range, etc., these are a few mentioned in the Q4FY22 results announcement.

Gopal Mahadevan, full-time director and chief financial officer, Ashok Leyland said the e-commerce industry and infrastructure investment have been growing recently. “So lately we’re launching different products. Also, you will see some LNG in the LCV, which we find useful. We are actively considering expanding the LCV range. And if we need to grow, it’s important that we grow the LCV business. You will see launches in all segments, and if we see demand, we will supply vehicles. ”

Deraj Hinduja, Executive Chairman Ashok Leyland, added: “The MHCV segment is leading the recovery amid growing major sectors such as construction, mining, agriculture, increased capital spending on infrastructure projects and delayed demand for replacement. The performance of our BS VI products has been very good, and the introduction of CNG products has helped us regain our market share. ”

He further clarified that LCV volumes, driven by increased demand for last mile connections, especially from the e-commerce segment, will continue to grow. Emphasis on exports, defense, energy solutions and parts will ensure balanced growth. We are closely monitoring the prices of goods and the situation with the supply of semiconductors, and we hope that both will be easier. “

Gopal Mahadevan said: “All other businesses, including after-sales and international operations, have worked exceptionally well. Larger volumes and our cost management initiatives have helped us improve our profits. ”–lng-segments-81788

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