As part of a huge package of aerodynamic changes, the team had to make a cooling decision a few weeks ago and it was partly caught by the unexpectedly high temperatures in Barcelona this weekend.

In such conditions, teams are forced to “open” their machines and create additional cooling capacity, which, in turn, creates resistance and affects the speed of the line.

After Friday’s promising initial race, Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll finished 16th and 18th, respectively, on Saturday, and their chances of advancing in Sunday’s race were clearly jeopardized by further resistance.

Green said the new package promises, but acknowledged that the team has yet to figure it out.

“There’s a lot of optimization in this car that we need to do,” he said when asked about Autosport’s progress.

“It’s a completely different car, it needs to go around all the settings to see where the best place is.

“I think the temperature really took us by surprise this weekend. We had to make a cooling decision for this car for a month or so.

“And we honestly didn’t bring enough. So it didn’t help. This is a compromise for the race.

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin AMR22

Photo: Carl Bingham / Drawings of motorsport

“Of course, it didn’t show its potential. Yesterday it was much closer to its potential. And we were a little confused about what could happen if you have a brand new car. Yesterday was the first day of launch, really.”

Green explained that Vettel and Stroll struggled with qualifying problems.

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“They’ve both suffered from significant over-agility,” he said. “Once on this track you turn unnecessarily, it not only hurts your sectors one and the other, by the time you get to the third sector, the rear tires will run out, so the third sector also suffers. In general, we could do much better ».

Green suggested that the revised AMR22 should be considered a “launch vehicle” given that there is so much new.

“We are very comfortable with what we have learned and are pleased with what we have learned so far,” he added. “I think he has potential, he probably has a lot more potential than the car that was before him.

“We just have to start extracting that performance and start developing it, really.”

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