Auer, who won the first round of the 2022 season in Portimao and has three wins in the DTM on the East German track, posted a control time of 1 m30,654 s in the first half of the 20-minute session, but could not improve his time further as others around him closed .

Van der Linde, who lagged behind the Austrian by 0.25 seconds halfway through the session, made two laps less than a tenth slower than Auver, but was forced to settle for second place in the net as the only non-Mercedes driver in the top four.

The belated efforts of the South African lowered Mara Engel to third, the driver of the Mercedes GruppeM 0.067 seconds slower than his partner Auer, in a tense session, and Luka Stoltz was fourth in the leading HRT Mercedes.

However, Stoltz faces an investigation into crossing the white line at the exit of the pit.

Felipe Fraga was third in the final stage of the session before coming back behind in fifth place at Red Bull Ferrari, and will share the third row with Stoltz’s teammate Arjun Maini.

Philippe Eng will take seventh place in the second Schubert BMW, ahead of reigning ADAC GT Masters champion Ricardo Feller in the Abt Audi lead.

The Swiss set an identical lap time, 1m31.147 seconds, in Grasser Racing Lamborghini championship leader Mirko Bartalotti, but will start ahead, thanks to being the first to publish his efforts.

Three-time DTM champion Rene Rast closed the top 10, 0.494 seconds behind Auer and only a thousand seconds slower than Feller and Bortalotti.

Porsche’s best example was Dennis Olsen’s SSR Performance in 11th place when Nick Cassidy finished 12th in his first performance of the season in a second Red Bull Ferrari.

The winner of the race in Portimao 2 Nika Müller waited for the last eight minutes of the session to get out of the pits for the first time, but could not repeat the successful adoption of Bartaloti’s tactics in Partimao.

The Swiss were able to score only the 14th fastest time in their team Rosberg Audi, right after the champion Maximilian Goz Winward Mercedes.

A similar strategy for David Schumacher in the third Winward Mercedes gave 17th in speed.

Lausitzring DTM – Qualifying results:

Paz The driver Car / engine Time Delay
1 22 Lucas Auer Mercedes 1’30,654
2 31 Sheldon van der Linde BMW 1’30,679 0.025
3 88 Mara Engel Mercedes 1’30,721 0.067 th most common
4 4 Luka Stolz Mercedes 1’30,864 0.210
5 74 Felipe Fraga Ferrari 1’30,971 0.317 th most common
6 36 Arjun Maini Mercedes 1’30,987 0.333 th most common
7 25 Philip Eng BMW 1’31,118 0.464
8 7 Ricardo Feller Audi 1’31.147 0.493
9 63 Mirka Bartaloci Lamborghini 1’31.147 0.493
10 33 Rene Rast Audi 1’31.148 0.494
11 94 Dennis Olsen Porsche 1’31.159 0.505
12 37 Nick Cassidy Ferrari 1’31.172 0.518 th most common
13 1 Maximilian Goetz Mercedes 1’31.184 0.530
14 51 Nick Mueller Audi 1,331,302 0.648
15 55 Mikael Grenier Mercedes 1,331,304 0.650
16 11 Mark Whitman BMW 1’31,397 0.743 th most common
17 27 David Schumacher Mercedes 1’31,437 0.783
18 18 Maximilian Buchk Mercedes 1’31,461 0.807
19 3 Kelvin van der Linde Audi 1’31,528 0.874 th most common
20 24 Thomas Praining Porsche 1’31,540 0.886
21 10 Esteban Mut BMW 1’31,575 0.921
22 92 Lawrence Vantur Porsche 1’31,666 1,012 th most common
23 95 Nicky Tim Lamborghini 1’31,799 1,145 th most common
24 12 Dave Gore Audi 1’31,806 1,152 th most common
25 66 Marius Zug Audi 1’31,812 1,158 th most common
26 19 Rolf Ineichen Lamborghini 1’32,220 1,566 th most common
27 85 Clemens Schmid Lamborghini 1’32,483 1,829 th most common
28 26 Esme Hawkeye Lamborghini 1’33,252 2,598 th most common
29 6 Alessio Deleda Lamborghini 1’34,366 3,712 th most common

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