Briggs Automotive Company, better known as BAC, is throwing down the artistic gauntlet for the Sleeping With Art: The Art of Cars event in October. He turned his Mono supercar into a canvas for artists to paint on.

The BAC Art Car Challenge open to artists of all stripes who can participate by downloading a template and creating their masterpiece. After that, the car can be viewed at a BAC Mono Configurator to see how it works in three dimensions and then submitted for competition.

Artists must submit their artwork by October 22 to Approved works will be displayed at the exhibition. They will also be returned in NFT and buyers of these digital tokens will receive a 1:6 scale model that they can build.

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While the artists will receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale, the new owners will receive exclusive design rights for future artworks. This includes the ability to order real BAC Mono Art car with design.

“The BAC owners are the same person like Mono and we are proud of our digital personalization program,” said Ian Briggs, co-founder of BAC. “Creating an Art Car with Paperlegends and showcasing it at Sleeping with Art: The Art of Cars reinforces BAC’s approach to innovative concepts, superb design and offering an unrivaled level of bespoke personalisation.”

For the Sleeping With Art: The Art of Cars event, a full-size art car created in collaboration with René Tourrec has already been created. It will be displayed at the event next to the empty one white Mono serve as inspiration for buyers and artists.

Sleeping With Art: The Art of Cars exhibition will be held at Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire from October 25-26 and will showcase the latest creative initiatives from carmakers and artists. The exhibition will feature sculptures, paintings, collages, photographs, NFTs and, of course, art cars.

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