Benny Express Transportation is a wheelchair-accessible taxi service

Benny Express Transportation is one of the most reliable and safest wheelchair-accessible taxi services in New York City. They provide same-day service and long-distance rides. Whether you’re headed to the airport or need transportation to a doctor’s appointment, Benny Express Transportation will make sure you’re safely transported in a wheelchair.

It accepts TAP cards

Benny Express Transportation accepts TAP Cards, which means they’re a great option for paying fares. You can pay with cash or with your TAP card, and there are also options for people who don’t have TAP cards. This way, you can save money on fares and get to your destination more quickly.

If you’re a TAP card user, you can purchase tickets online for free and save money on fares by using the Benny Express Transportation app, which is free and available for iOS and Android devices. The app also accepts exact change and TAP cards and gives you real-time notifications about fares and changes. In addition to the Benny Express website and bus schedule, the app also lets you know when the next bus is coming and gives an estimate of how long it will take you to get to your destination.

For those with disabilities, Benny Express Transportation provides wheelchair service and ADA-accessible paratransit services. The company also provides a Dial-A-Ride service to passengers within 3/4 mile of the bus route. To qualify, you must have a valid DAR card or a doctor’s letter verifying your need for special transportation.

It accepts exact change

Benny Express Transportation accepts exact change, TAP cards, and cash for all fares. Their app can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android device and features live arrival information for buses and stops. It also offers notifications of changes to schedules. The app also helps you plan your route, allows you to pay using cash or exact change, and even offers real-time traffic information.

It offers shared cost of ride options

Benny Express Transportation has two shared costs of ride options available. The first is called Moovit and works with most major networks. It connects riders and drivers and gives them real-time notifications about schedule and fare changes. You can use a TAP card or cash to pay for rides and use Moovit’s route planner to figure out the quickest route.

Another inexpensive way to travel to Benny is by train. The train ride from Greater Sudbury to Benny takes about an hour and a half. However, train tickets cost more on Sundays. Also, train rides come an hour before their scheduled arrival times. You may need to share the cost of the trip with others to avoid paying the full fare.

Benny Express Transportation has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. It shows the cheapest fares and notifies users of schedule changes. The app is also free. Users can pay using cash, exact change, or TAP cards. You can also use the app to know when your bus will arrive, so you can plan.