In a recent interview from Europe, Bentley CEO Adrian Holmark has promised some bold features of the first battery-powered electric car maker of luxury cars. Despite describing the “hardness of acceleration” in the future EV, the Bentley chief said it would not be his main selling point. Instead, it will be “effortless overtaking” from on-demand torque. But such a price…

Bentley Motors Ltd. is a centuries-old car brand that is famous all over the world for its experience in the field of quality and luxury. Volkswagen Group acquired the brand in the late 90s, modernizing its capacity to increase production.

Contrary to the VW Group, which has consciously made efforts in recent years accept electrificationBentley has not been significantly involved in the transition to a fully electric overseas, despite a promise to switch to a fully EV for the next ten years.

Currently, Bentley only offers PHEV inclusive Bentigato join Flying spur this year. To begin 2022, Bentley has announced its Beyond100 electrification strategy. again promises to switch to fully electric mode by 2030 with five new BEVs – one arriving each year starting in 2025.

The strategy also includes an investment of 2.5 billion pounds (~ 3.4 billion dollars) in the Bentley Crewe production complex, the reconstruction of the entire space support “Dream Factory” for the production of EV. While we look forward to the first Bentley EV in 2025, the company’s CEO shared some of the features we can expect… possible.

Bentley PHEV offers from the announcement Beyond 100 / Source: Bentley Motors Ltd.

Bentley’s CEO claims the first EV will offer “brutal” acceleration

Although Bentley has not delivered a single 100% electric vehicle, Bentley plans to prescribe a page of industry specifications, according to its CEO. У a recent interview with Europe’s car newsAdrian Holmark spoke about some of the features and prices that consumers can expect from the first Bentley EV.

According to Hallmark, the Bentley EV, scheduled for 2025, will be able to develop up to 1,400 horsepower and accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-97 km / h) in just 1.5 seconds. If true, this new Bentley will destroy both the Tesla Model S Plaid (1020 hp) and the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance (1111 hp) in the race – two of the fastest passenger EVs currently on the road. accelerating 0-60 mph in less than two seconds.

While these features alone can be a huge selling point for EV enthusiasts with deep pockets (more on that a bit), Hallmark said this unprecedented speed isn’t the main selling point of the new Bentley. He said it would be an easy overtaking of the car thanks to the instant torque:

Most people like to accelerate from 30 to 70 miles per hour (50-113 km / h), and in Germany – from 30 to 150 miles per hour (50-240 km / h). If we are now 650 liters. s. with the GT Speed, we will be twice as big as with the BEV. But in terms of 0 to 60 mph the return is reduced. The problem is that it is inconvenient. Acute sensations from 2.4 seconds to 60 mph (~ 97 km / h) – this is great about 10 times. Then it just gets nauseous.

Net nausea speed. Write us down. Even doubling the current horsepower of the Bentley GT gets 1,300 horsepower in math, not 1,400. However, that’s a lot go. Don’t worry, for those future Bentley EV drivers with more sensitive stomachs, Hallmark explains that the hard acceleration will be at the customer’s discretion – much calmer acceleration from 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds … or it can be switched to 1, 5 seconds.

Design and pricing

Hallmark did not share additional features of the future Bentley EV, but said its design will be based on the automaker’s current lineup: the Continental GT coupe, the Flying Spur sedan and the Bentayga SUV. Hallmark said all three models will be converted to the BEV version when the Bentley becomes fully electric, also stating that “we will not make them look like electric cars.”

An interesting strategy.

A new BEV will be built on the foundation premium electric platform (PPE) developed by Porsche and Audi – related units of the VW Group. PPE immediately offers Bentley battery technology, drivetrains and body systems, and stand-alone and connected vehicle capabilities.

Although we do not have official prices for the 2025 Bentley EV, its CEO said that at least one option would cost more than 250,000 euros (~ 262,000 dollars). For that kind of money this EV is definitely better at accelerating 0-60 miles per hour in 1.5 seconds while offering a hot stone massage.

However, it is interesting that Hallmark stated that the high price is not related to the cost of EV batteries, which is usually the case. He clarified:

The 12-cylinder engine is about 10 times more expensive than the average premium car engine, and the average battery is smaller than our 12-cylinder engine. I can’t expect batteries, they are cheap in relative terms.

So why is it so expensive then? We contacted Bentley for clarification and have not yet received a response.

Electric take

Huge acceleration on paper with an even bigger price tag.

Can Bentley on the first try deliver an EV that could overtake the Plaid and Dream Edition P? How fast will each of these competitors be in 2025 when the new Bentley EV is due?

The Plaid already has three engines, but by then Lucid will almost certainly have a three-engine version of the Air. Record me for a track day including all three of these EVs.

In three years all I can say is I will believe it when I see it, and I certainly hope to believe it. Bentley seems to be on its way to rebuilding its dream factory in Crewe and should be able to move a little easier to electrification given the lower production and higher price of its cars.

Hallmark’s promises are bold and exciting, but its comparison of batteries to the prices of 12-cylinder engines makes me think they’re lagging behind EV’s own innovation. Fortunately, Porsche and Audi could very well save the day by introducing PPE, a powerful “EV starter kit” on which Bentley can build.

Makes you think, but if Bentley expects this kind of EV performance by 2025, one would think that more sports cars from Porsche and Audi will give the same figures, if not better … and sooner! In addition, these two subsidiaries of the VW Group do not seem to have any problems in designing aerodynamic cars that look like EVs, unlike Hallmark, which wants to do the opposite. It will be interesting to see the first images of the first Bentley EV.

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