Alex Bergeron and Felix Roy have a lot in common: they’re both from Quebec, they both have real oval racing aspirations, and they’ve both hit the first series of the iRacing Off-Road Racing Championship after they’ve already participated professionally in the iRacing World of Outlaws . After Wednesday night, they both became winners in a series of $ 25,000 iRacing championships for Pro 4 off-road trucks, sharing two wins at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, the shortest track on the schedule.

Conor Barry received the Vision Wheel Pole Award to start the night with the best lap at 35,511, and Killian Dal’olma received the first Big Green Egg Green Flag Award, leading the first lap after a rollover of eight trucks. Unfortunately for Dal’olm, he also rolled his truck just three laps in the first 16-wheel race, opening the door for Bergeron to get ahead, ahead of Keaton Swain, who finished second in Crandon’s second race last week. However, as last week, Barry later made a pass to Swain for the position, taking second place and releasing Swain for third, as all four leaders were separated by less than a second.

Brandy Proudfoot and Keith Jeffy started in the front row for the second race with a coup, and Proudfoot received his second Big Green Egg Green Flag award of the evening when Roy quickly moved up to second place and aimed for the lead. After several laps under pressure, he finally took his place forever on lap 6 when e-sportsmen Jim Beaver and Team General Tire drivers tried to calculate the top five. However, the battle between Barry, Proudfoot and Josh Edmundson did not just give Roy a respite; this allowed Swain to return to the fight as well, and he eventually returned Barry’s serve with his late pass. Eventually, Edmundson and Swain took the last two places on the podium.

With such a difficult course of work with the CBR Hard Charger Awards it would be difficult to get. In the first race it was eSports racer Barry and Jim Beaver, supported by CBR, Conor Paris, getting six positions each, finishing second and 10th respectively. In the second race, Legion Speedsports driver Nicolas Dachelet made his way to 13th place from 21st place, getting eight, which was the best among all riders of the night.

The iRacing Off-Road All-Stars will also return with a major network expansion, welcoming nine new names for its own field of 24 trucks. Real SUVs Zachary Drepkin and Luke Knoop were in the classroom for most of the night, with Drepkin winning the first race and Knoop making quick laps and finishing second in both laps, even though the duo had to come from the back row in the second race. But after experiencing early chaos in the second round thanks to a full-field inversion, it was former eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series champion and senior iRacing eSports competition manager Tyler Hudson stuck to winning the photo finish.

The top five participants of the 3rd round of the iRacing Off-Road Championship series at Wild Horse Pass were as follows:

  1. Alex Bergeron, 16 laps
  2. Conar Bari, +0.326
  3. Kitan Swain, +0.716
  4. Josh Edmundson, +0.951
  5. Trenton Bryley, +1,811

The top five participants of the 4th round of the iRacing Off-Road Championship series at Wild Horse Pass were as follows:

  1. Felix Roy, 16 laps
  2. Josh Edmundson, +3.085
  3. Kitan Swain, +4,140
  4. Conar Bari, +4,795
  5. Brandy Proudfoot, +5.052


The iRacing Off-Road Championship points for four of the 16 rounds are as follows:

  1. Conar Barry, 191
  2. Keaton Swain, 179 years old
  3. Felix Roy, 163 years old
  4. Josh Edmundson, 146 years old
  5. Christopher Plumley, 142
  6. Killian Dal’olma, 138 years old
  7. Alex Bergeron, 136
  8. Brandy Proudfoot, 126
  9. Jacob Rafos, 124
  10. Conar Paris, 120

The iRacing Off-Road Championship Series continues on Wednesday, July 6 at Wild West Motorsports Park Motorsports. Lighting begins at 8:30 p.m. ET with a pair of All-Star races in Pro 4, while professional riders return to action in Pro 4 at 9pm on ET.

The IRacing Off-Road Championship Series is supported CBR Performance Products,, Circle of visionand Big green egg. For more information on iRacing and special offers visit

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