Rookie VR46 Ducati stormed him and the first MotoGP podium last Sunday in Assen when he was watching Ducati Francesca Banya finish second after qualifying fourth.

It was his second finish in the top five of the season, after he was fourth in Mugello, finishing second in qualifying.

But despite the poison on the 2021 Ducati, which won three races Aeneas Bastianini this year Bezzecki says he doesn’t want to wait to get on the podium in the second half of the season.

“Obviously it’s very, very important, of course, because that was what I dreamed of achieving, and I didn’t expect to achieve that so early,” he said of his catwalk in Assen.

“But in the end I’m still a newbie, so my mentality is this: when I get back to the second part of the season, I don’t want to expect such a good race always because there will be tracks where I fight more and one where I fight less.

“So the best way to keep working is to try to make every race better. If there is such an opportunity as today, try to use this opportunity to get the maximum result. But if I don’t have the opportunity, try to get the most out of the day – if it’s P10, or P12, or another podium.

“The podium is better, that’s understandable, but I think as a beginner, it’s okay to have ups and downs.”

Mark Bezzecki, VR46 Racing Team

Photo: Gold and Goose / Images of motorsport

Bezzeki joins other members of the VR46 Academy in Banja Luka and Franco Marbidelli on the podiums of MotoGP, and 23-year-old Bezzekki dedicated his first podium to Rossi.

“It was fantastic because Vale and the whole Academy did an incredible job,” he added.

“I think that without Vale we will definitely not be able to be at the World Cup, because he took me when I was 15, 14 years old, and to come here is fantastic.

“So it’s all for him and all for the Riders Academy. They always support us, and this year I think they have taken a big step. ”

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