Cycling is one of the most unusual sports and can last for weeks. It attracts bets with simple analysis, interesting coverage of cycling events such as the Tour de France, and lots of sensations. Betting on a bike is quite profitable. Experienced bettors often place bets to make a lot of money.

Planning to bet? The basics you need to know

Over the decades, cycling has developed many financial strategies that increase the chances of success. But there is no one-hundred-percent guarantee of success. When it comes to betting, it is important to pay attention to the rating and statistics of the cyclist in question. It is necessary to trace the preliminary results of the race participants.

It is also recommended to read the findings of well-known cycling experts and assess which options for the outcome of the race are most likely. Be sure to pay attention to the expected weather. Even a little rain can dramatically change the situation on the track. Beginners are encouraged to bet on a minimum of 8 favorites, of which the top priority is on the three favorites. These should be riders with a lot of experience and personal achievements. For your comfort our experts in Casino Flyer, reviewing the best online casinos, such as Casino Classic, have prepared some tips for beginners in betting. Let’s look at this more closely.

Tips and tricks on betting on bikes live

Cycling has many variations and subspecies, among which the most common are:

  • Bicycle track. Among this type of race most take place on bicycles.
  • Mountain bike. Competitions of extreme races on difficult, intermittent, natural tracks with a lot of obstacles. MTB bikes or their upgraded analogues are most often used.
  • Bicycle motocross. A discipline that is based on performing tricks and jumping over jumps on specially prepared or natural terrain.

Many bets are looking best pay online casino use your bike betting strategies. Most bookmakers allow you to make different betting markets. Many of the best bike bets do not provide normal conditions for the game. Low chances of cycling, bad string and sad content – all this indicates poor opportunities. You will have to spend a lot of time looking for great options, for this use the list of recommended sites for betting on bikes on IrishCasinorius.

Keep in mind that some casinos also have betting options, which makes it easier to find the right bookmaker. You should pay attention to some of the safest betting sites. An experienced bookmaker, who uses all the offers of bookmakers, gets a good chance to make money on resources. You can bet on the victory of the team or the victory of the racer. The biggest bets are on races for team time. It is also important to consider the place where the race challenges take place. It is also useful not only when betting on calls, but also in other winning conditions.

Types of cycling competitions that can be bet on

Profits from cycling determine the bets offered by bookmakers. This is most relevant for beginners: learn the basics sports betting tips because it is easier to understand the system, after the championship and other similar factors.

Sports betting tips:

  • Being among the winners. Bookmakers give cyclists a chance to get the athlete to various multi-day stages. Top 3, 5, 10 – there are different variations.
  • Duel of cyclists. This type of betting is especially popular among those who want to have a high chance of winning here and now, regardless of cycling odds.
  • Additional bets. Long-term bets are more often made on the winners of various multi-day competitions – the competition of young riders, the mountain track or sprint.

Tour de France

For many cycling fans, Tour de France – the most interesting and long-awaited competition of the year. Millions of spectators watch many days of grueling competition on local channels, millions do not miss a single news about the race, and thousands of lucky people witness the exciting battle of professional cyclists.

Giro d’Italia

This cycling event is one of the world’s three largest multi-day cycling races, held annually in Italy since 1909 in May-June for three weeks. Since 1988, the race is also held among women and juniors.

Vuelta an España

This competition starts in Burgas near the cathedral walls. The first week of Spanish Grand Tour dedicated to the center of Spain and the Mediterranean coast, along which the peloton will move south to Murcia. The trip begins inside the cathedral of Burgas, the riders leave the Gothic building and head to the first ascent, the gradient of which is 5%. After a small fall there is another 1 km of steep ascent, and then 900 m with a slope of 6.1% to the castle of Burgas. The beginning of the hill is quite steep and there will also be 200 meters of paved sidewalk. The next descent opens the last 4 km of the first stage.

A tour of Britain

Multi-day races – such a competition is held in several rounds. Duration – at least two days. The winner is the one who overcomes all the tracks in the shortest time. The famous multi-day bike ride A tour of Britain. Its duration is three weeks. This competition has brought great economic benefits to the country. This popular bike ride attracts up to 4 million spectators.

UCI World Cup

The International Cycling Union (UCI) was founded in 1900 in Paris. It promotes and monitors everything related to cycling, from sports tours to entertainment activities and easy movement with this mode of transport. The UCI promotes nine disciplines such as track racing, mountain biking, BMX (racing and freestyle), cycling, cycling triathlon, indoor cycling and e-cycling.

Where to bet?

Many bookmakers accept bike bets, and the following options are important for choosing the right bookmakers. Cycling tips:

  • Having an official bicycle betting license.
  • Variety of rates. A wide line of bets covering all important cycling competitions and a diverse list of successful bets on them, the availability of long-term bets.
  • You should be able to put any amount on the selected result. In cycling, bookmakers usually set a low maximum bet.
  • Chance level. Acceptable quotes with a margin for competitions of 5% (no high quotes for cycling).
  • The quality of living. Live betting on cycling competitions with instant updates of quotes and bets.
  • Profitable bonus program. A system of bonuses and promotions targeted at new and old customers.
  • Convenience of payment methods. Ability to make deposits and withdraw winnings using bank cards and popular e-wallets.

The peculiarity of betting on bicycles live is that the participants of the bet do not deepen their knowledge about them. So the odds of different outcomes vary depending on what the players are doing. In order not to fall for such a trick, you need to read the statistics in advance. Analyze the latest performances, compare them with competitors and turn it all into an approximate distribution of forces.


Cycling is undeservedly overlooked by many bettors, although they can be earned over long distances. Advantages and disadvantages of bicycle rates:

  • Simple analysis of all important components.
  • Interesting online broadcasts of team cycling stages.
  • Reasonable bets on prestigious tour results.

Cycling is a niche sport, so you will not find low profits and high limits. And also widespread. But if you watch the races, you can beat the bookmaker

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