Kaylee Buick crowned at Royal Enfield BUILD. THE TRAIN. THE RACE. Barber’s finale

Jaycee Jones won again in the BTR Flat Track Championship, while Kayleigh Buick brought home the BTR Road Racing title with a win in the final round

Milwaukee, WI – Royal Enfield Construction. The train. Race. the program was on fire at both ends over the weekend with action on both the flat track and road races. The BTR Flat Track women took part in the penultimate round of the season at Cedar Lake Short Track on the all-new American Flat Track course, while BTR Road Racing wrapped up the six-round championship at the Barber MotoAmerica round. In both cases, the race winners each took home their own titles: Jaycee Jones in BTR Flat Track and Kaylee Bike in BTR Road Racing.


For the BTR women on the Road Racing side, the season concluded at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. It was here that they met their teammates for the first time and got their first track time on the completed builds during the two-day pre-season MotoAmerica test.

With three out of a possible five wins to her credit, all Kaylee Buick needed was a podium finish to clinch the championship. But she went further in the final round, sealing her title with a win in the most exciting battle of the season.

When the light turned green, Jenny Chancellor and Bike flew off the line and headed for the field. Baik, Chancellor, and Chloe Peterson broke out in a three-way battle before Baik and Peterson broke out for their own duel. Fresh off her first pole position of the season, Peterson was eager to turn her fast lap advantage into a race win. But in the end Baika was not refused. In a battle to the end, Bike won the victory and the championship.

Kayleigh Bike Build Royal Enfield 2022. Train. Race. Road racing champion. Photo courtesy of Royal Enfield North America.

“I knew it was going to be close after Jersey,” Baik said, referring to the previous round where she finished fourth. “I just put my head down and came in this weekend. I wanted to have fun. It’s been a busy season. All the time everyone was kicking. I wanted to win the whole race, but I knew that at least I finish decently, I can hopefully record that. Consolidating the championship, winning the last race is definitely a way to end a perfect season.”

Peterson finished second, while Chancellor was locked in a battle for third with the winner of the previous round, Crystal Martinez. Martinez eventually broke free from Cancellaro to take third and made a push to close the gap on the leading duo, but ran out of time and had to settle for third. ​​​​​​​Despite losing a few points to Peterson in the final round, Martinez still finished second in the championship standings, two points ahead of Peterson.

Jenny Chancellor finished fourth and Ash Truxall rounded out the top five for Barbery, also reflecting their overall championship placings.

“It’s only fitting that our season ends here in Barber, where it all started earlier this season,” Brian Poland said. “It was a snap and we all can’t believe it’s already done! This season has been absolutely life-changing for many. We’ve had our ups and downs this year, and watching these women thrive with their grit, confidence and talent has been a joy. The speed that this group of women achieved in these six races is impressive. I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them.

“We want to thank our 2022 build. The train. Race. sponsors. It is impossible without them. A big thank you to all the companies and individuals behind BTR: Parts Unlimited, Harris Performance, S&S Cycle, Dunlop, Maxima Racing Oils, BOXO USA, Öhlins USA Suspension and Arai Helmets.”

Hairdresser APC Results

1. Kaylee Bike #16

2. Chloe Peterson #55

3. Crystal Martinez #25

4. Jenny Cancellar #19

5. Ash Truxal No. 31

6. Jessica Martin #23

7. Nicole Parezo #11

8. Cora Tennyson #95

9. Hannah Stockton #62

10. Michaela Trumbull #27

11. Trisha Dahl #44

12. Kayla Teisler #52

13. Alice Bridges #30

14. Patti Paul #79

15. Bridget Leber #21

Championship standings – BTR Road Racing

1. Kayleigh Byck (113/4 wins)

2. Crystal Martinez (win 94/1)

3. Chloe Peterson (92)

4. Jenny Chancellor (win 72/1)

5. Ash Truxall (62)

6. Jessica Martin (60)

7. Michaela Trumbull (48)

8. Trisha Dahl (43)

9. Nicole Parezo (38)

10. Alice Bridges (38)

11. Cora Tennyson (35)

12. Brigitte Leber (26)

13. Hannah Stockton (21)

14. Kayla Teisler (12)

15. Patti Paul (2)


Jaycee Jones, Royal Enfield Build.  The train.  Race.  winner of the flat track race at Cedar Lake Short Track.  Photo courtesy of Royal Enfield North America.
Jaycee Jones, Royal Enfield Build. The train. Race. Cedar Lake Short Track Champion. Photo courtesy of Royal Enfield North America.

When the ladies of BTR Flat Track took to Cedar Lake’s 3/8-mile, high-banked dirt oval, the ever-dominant Jaycee Jones was on her back. Aside from the preseason exhibition race at the Volusia Half Mile, where Jillian Deschenes took the win, Jones managed to dominate every round and was poised to clinch the championship one round early if something got in her way. APC veteran Deschenes and 18-year-old newcomer Zaria Martens were hungry for victory and looking to keep their title hopes alive.

Before the race, the APC range was scheduled to be tested at Cedar Lake, but unfortunately the weather was different. Unfortunately, the bad weather also spilled over into race day when the skies opened up and poured onto the track just before the first practice session, forcing officials to postpone the race until Sunday.

The shortened schedule meant the women had little time to get to grips with the track and dial in their Royal Enfield INT650 bikes. Jillian Deschenes led practice, setting fast laps, but it was rookie sensation Zaria Martens with pole position for the main event.

In the main event, Jones came out on top again, where she stayed all the way to the checkered flag. Deschenes and Martens put on another spectacular battle for second place, with Deschenes eventually gaining the upper hand to finish second ahead of Martens who took the podium.

​​​​​​While the overall title is in the cards, the battle for second place in the 2022 BTR Flat Track Championship remains tight, with just two points separating Deschenes and Martens heading into the final round, the Volusia Half Mile, where Deschenes already felt the taste of pre-season victory. The streak concludes Oct. 15 in Barberville, Florida, where Jones will claim his number one championship.

Cedar Lake APC Results

1. Jaycee Jones #33

2. Jillian Deschenes #31

3. Zaria Martens #8

4. Makenna Hiatt #81

5. Stephanie Pitz #57

6. Erin Ferris #909

7. Kayela Hobart #46

8. Alex Bumpus McDonald #2

9. Anna Serena #800

10. Neon Kiskela #27

11. Gabriel Hughes #327

12. Mia Reese #15

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