Two bills aimed at giving Florida Last month, the Florida legislature lost more opportunities for car dealers to transfer rights to car buyers.

Florida’s current property law states that dealers “must” receive car names in the names of buyers and transfer them within 30 days of sale. A small handful of Florida lawmakers earlier this year sought to weaken this term and mitigate penalties for dealers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic who do not have time.

The bills hit the state Senate and House committees, but they did not eventually advance because the legislature was concerned, according to state spokesman Andrew Leird, who joined in January as one of the authors of the bill.

“I do not think so [titling issues are] it’s important to a lot of people, so it definitely requires a little education, ”said Lerand, a Democrat from Tampa who spoke to Automotive news on Monday. “Every time something requires a little education, you get 120 members who all need a little education.”

State Sen. Tom Wright, a Republican, has applied SB 1346, first version of the billin the State Senate on December 21st. Identical account, HB 1517was filed in the State House by MP David Smith on January 10th.

The legislative session, which ended March 11, was dominated by lawmakers who focused on the problems of bread and butter affecting Florida residents and hyper-party issues, Learned said. As a result, according to him, the accounts for the ownership of vehicles have receded into the background.

The changes proposed in the package of bills have caused little concern to regulators. The the original version of the legislation would revise the statute say that dealers “should” apply for these titles within 30 days, not “should” receive.

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