BMW Group India has launched its annual monsoon service campaign across its extensive dealer network spanning 44 service centers in 36 cities nationwide. This initiative aims to provide BMW and Mini owners with comprehensive vehicle care and maintenance during the challenging monsoon season.

The monsoon service camp offers a range of complimentary services designed to ensure vehicles are well-prepared for inclement weather conditions. Certified BMW and Mini technical experts conduct thorough vehicle checks, including basic condition-based servicing if necessary. This proactive approach helps in maintaining peak performance and reliability of BMW and Mini vehicles.

Key services included in the campaign cover essential aspects such as:

  • Checking and ensuring proper functioning of windscreen wipers and washer systems to optimize visibility during heavy rains.
  • Verifying washer fluid levels to maintain clear visibility.
  • Inspecting rain light sensors for automatic wiper and headlight operations.
  • Assessing the functionality of all front and rear lights for optimal visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Aligning headlights and fog lights to enhance driving safety.
  • Conducting horn function tests for audible warning capability.
  • Checking and replacing micro filters as needed for improved cabin air quality.
  • Inspecting weather strips on doors and trunk lids to prevent water ingress.
  • Verifying the condition of sunroof cover seals, drainpipes, and trunk lid ventilation systems to prevent leaks.
  • Cleaning the E-box (engine control unit box) for uninterrupted performance.
  • Inspecting engine firewall grommets and electrical plug connections for optimal functionality.
  • Assessing tire conditions including tread depth, damages, wear patterns, and ensuring correct tire pressure for enhanced grip and safety.
  • Visual inspection of the exhaust system, belt drive, and damper pulley for potential issues.
  • Checking charging cables and high-voltage charging sockets (applicable to BEV/PHEV models) for damage or wear.
  • Examining the vehicle underbody for damage, corrosion, and ensuring all components are securely fastened (applicable to BEV/PHEV models).

By offering these meticulous checks and services, BMW Group India aims to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure that BMW and Mini vehicles perform reliably throughout the monsoon season, maintaining safety and driving comfort even in challenging weather conditions.