BMW new generation electric vehicles will come with a new battery design that costs the carmaker 30 percent less, sources close to the firm say.

The high price of batteries is the reason that EVs are more expensive than more sophisticated traditional gasoline cars, and rising prices for components such as lithium and nickel, which are part of the cells that make up 80 percent of the battery, make it difficult for manufacturers to destroy them. retail price EV. BMW hopes that the new packaging design can give it an advantage in value and help offset the rise in prices for these raw materials.

Bloomberg reports that cars use BMW the future Neue Klasse platform on the web from 2025 will switch to round battery cells to match Tesla, which already uses a cylindrical cell design. Sources say the new batteries will be manufactured by existing BMW suppliers, but the design will help it achieve its goal of cutting costs by 30 percent. Current suppliers of BMW batteries include CATL and EVE Energy in China, Samsung SDI in South Korea and Northvolt in Sweden.

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BloombergThe company also claims that BMW’s new battery packs will offer a higher energy density than Tesla cells, at a “at least double-digit percentage”, which could help give the German firm’s EVs more power compared to cars such as Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

The architecture of the BMW Neue Klasse, which got its name 1962 sedan which led the transformation of the brand from a loss-making company that produces whimsical rear-engine cars, to a successful manufacturer of premium cars, which it is today, launched in 2025 and will be supplied in high and low versions for use in SUVs and and on regular sedans.

Although BMW is designed as an EV platform, BMW does not rule out the possibility of adding other power sources to NK cars over a 15-20 year service life of the architecture, and many markets will offer Neue Klasse 3rd Series cars. along with the usual no. -EV 3-Series, at least for the first few years. Solid state battery technology will also appear, but will not be ready in a few years after the platform’s debut in the middle of the decade.

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