Could this R 18 concept be the basis for the new motorcycle for which BMW named the Roctane? (BMW Motorcycle /)

BMW Motorrad created the Roctane trademark in Germany and applied for international rights to the name with the intention of using it on a future motorcycle, but determining which motorcycle it will be used on is much more difficult than with most of the company’s trademarks.

Usually BMW adheres to very predictable naming conventions for their bikes, usually following a letter pattern representing the engine configuration, then the engine volume figure and the following letter combination to describe the style of the bike. Sometimes, however, the company switches to word-based titles, and that’s what happens with Roctane.

The German trademark confirms that the name is intended for use on a motorcycle, without mentioning that it applies to other goods – often companies hedge their bets when it comes to trademarks covering several areas, but only one use is indicated here. The fact that the name starts with “R” is a strong indication that it is intended for one of the firm’s twin boxers, after all, the BMW R Series is inevitably boxer. While they typically follow the convention of letters / numbers / letters, the current range already includes R nineT deviating from the norm, and from 2001-2006. Roxter R1150R in the composition – a game on the term “roadster”For the bike that was moving up street fighter territory when using mechanisms from the simpler R1150R.

The Concept R 18/2, first shown in 2019, could become home to the Roctane brand.

The Concept R 18/2, first shown in 2019, could become home to the Roctane brand. (BMW Motorcycle /)

This is not the only brand BMW has provided in the last couple of years for bikes that have not yet been released. The company has already secured the rights to several motorcycles under the brand “M”, which will sit next to the line 1000 rubles superbike, including the name “M 1300 GS” – a car that is increasingly likely to join the range next year or so. At the same time, BMW also introduced the “M 1000 XR” brand, opening the door to a high-quality version S 1000 XR.

Most recently, the company filed several trademark applications for the name.R 12″ —Will definitely be used on a smaller cruiser model, probably based R nineT Air-cooled twin boxer with a capacity of 1170 cc to sit next to Range R 18.

The name Roctane can be associated with both the R 18 and the future cruiser R 12. The fact that the fictional word can be read as “R Octane” suggests that it is intended for the R series motorcycle, which is tuned for more performance. but it’s too naughty a name to be applied to a highly specified version of one of BMW’s regular models. Had BMW created faster 1250 рfor example, he will most likely use the designation “M” rather than a name like “Roctan”. The high-performance cruiser, however, will fit much better.

BMW has previously hinted that such a car is in the maps, showing Concept R 18/2 back in 2019, even before the start of production R 18 to show how a massive air-cooled cruiser with a volume of 1802 cc can be given a more sporty style.

How soon can we see such a bike? Chances are Roctane is still close. At the moment, BMW has not yet received full trademark rights to the name worldwide, and although it is a fictional term, it is already used in some other products, including brands of energy gels and ATV tires, so BMW may have obstacles in the way. when it comes to being able to use the title. Given that the application for the M 1300 GS trademark was filed in late 2019, and a production motorcycle with this name is expected in 2023, perhaps by the middle of this decade Roctane will be part of the BMW range.

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