The Munich-based BMW plant also produces the all-electric BMW i4, which already accounts for a quarter of production.

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May 22, 2022, 12:11 p.m.

BMW plant in Munich. (BMW)

The Munich BMW plant has entered its 100th anniversary and BMW celebrates the centenary of the factory. This plant in Munich has been producing BMW products since 1922. The plant started with aircraft engines and motorcycles, and later, in 1952, began producing cars. The BMW plant in Munich has been producing iconic models such as the BMW Isetta, the M3 racing model and the BMW 3 Series since 1975. Milan Nedelkovic, a member of the board of production of BMW AG, said: “Our roots are in Munich. This plant is our origin. And our future. “

Nedelkovich also stressed that this is a high-tech production site, and about 900 high-quality BMWs are produced here every day. “Five different models with all types of drive. This testifies to the high flexibility as well as the wide breadth of experience and skills of the people who work here. They are the driving force behind everything that is happening here, ”he added.

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The Munich-based BMW plant also produces a fully electric BMW i4 which already accounts for a quarter of production. BMW shared that production of the BMW i4 is also growing. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse shared that the demand for the all-electric BMW i4 among the brand’s customers is constantly growing, and therefore BMW is further increasing production. “Next year, every second car leaving the Munich plant will be fully electric. Based on current plans, this means more than 100,000 BMW i4s from the heart of Munich for customers from all over the world, “added Zipse. This will push the premium home car factory to increase BEV’s production share to 50 percent.

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Currently, the structure of the plant is undergoing transformation, as the site of the former paint shop is transformed into a new body construction facility, and from 2024 BMW will build a completely new assembly to produce fully electric “Neue Klasse” on the site of the existing engine facility.

Date of first publication: 12 May 2022, 12:11 IST

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