After a lifetime of riding two wheels, I realized that I owned dozens of bicycles – often two or four at a time – and also rode in the hundreds as a deputy editor. The ultimate motorcycle. In 2021, I tested the latest generation BMW RS and suggested that it is a motorcycle that can do everything and be the perfect solution for a single bike. For me, riding on dirt is a gravel parking lot, so I didn’t have to consider off-road – the adventure bike was off the table. I decided to pursue this idea, sold my Yamaha FZ-10 and BMW K 1200 GT and bought a sweet Black Storm Metallic BMW R 1250 RS.BMW R 1250 RS Project Bike - a solution for one motorcycleMy inner Buddhist spirit appreciated the separation and simplification of my life at the expense of less property. So now I have taken the first step. I really like the power, handling, civilized ride and the many advanced technical features offered by the BMW R 1250 RS. I can take RS on long trips and keep up with my friends on sporty rides (up to a point) on local rides – two must-haves. As with any motorcycle, there is room for personalization by adding equipment that enhances the experience and doesn’t leave me craving others. I will guide you through the process of complementing RS accessories that are superior and provide top performance, comfort and appearance, thus fulfilling my dream of the perfect solution for a single motorcycle. Here are some of the accessories I will add to them The ultimate motorcycle Design bike BMW R 1250 RS (italics viewpoints): Read how the best motorcycle motorcycle BMW R 1250 RS unfolds: batch № 1: SW-Motech engine protection review

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