Building an SUV that can be both a great everyday family car and a canyon-carving supershuttle is no easy feat. That’s why cars like the BMW X3 Competition and Porsche Macan GTS they cost so much. Can they really achieve the goals of the original sports cars? This video seems to prove that they can.

Uphill with launch control on, the BMW seems to barely slip. It takes off on a dirt embankment and leaves the Porsche for dead while the Macan struggles to find grip.

Downhill is a different story than the BMW hill descent control lets it roll downhill at a minimum speed of 2mph, which sounds slow, but compared to the Macan, which rolls downhill so slowly it doesn’t even register a speed on the dash, it’s bright.

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Of course, it’s unlikely that someone would simply slam on the brakes on the way down the mountain. Still, it’s nice to know that if you panic, the Porsche will keep things slow and steady on its own. Articulation isn’t much of a problem for either of these super SUVs either.

Up the rolling hill, each one uses sophisticated traction control and ABS it’s easy to climb, despite the fact that it does lift a tire or two every now and then. Going down a mountain is almost as seamless, but the BMW loses out because it slides more than it actually does going down the same mountain.

Next comes a steep embankment where cars must maintain traction without skidding. Both seem to handle it without any trouble, but with the smallest of margins, the Carwow team gives the win to BMW. That means fancy SUVs have nothing.

The final task is to basically complete all the tasks again in one trial. In the end, the Porsche wins thanks to its nimble off-road mode and better suspension. The truth is, what these SUVs have just been up to proves that one vehicle really can do just about anything.