A new powerful halo model has appeared in the BMW model range for electrified age

The XM hybrid SUV is the first autonomous vehicle from the M Performance brand since the launch of the BMW M1 five decades ago.

It will be collected in BMWUS factory in South Carolina, deliveries will begin early next year. Prices start at $159,995 including shipping.

The new model comes as the German performance brand steps up its electrification game.

AutoPacific President Ed Kim describes the XM as a “transition model” that shows M customers that the future is in electrified performance.

“M is a brand for hardcore performance enthusiasts, those with gasoline running through their veins,” said Kim.

But BMW is not only looking at gearbox customers with XM.

The SUV is “the pinnacle of expressive luxury,” says Francis van Meel, CEO of the M brand.

“We’re really addressing target groups that we didn’t address at BMW and M,” van Meel said at a press event late last year.


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