Brabus upgrades Porsche Taycan Turbo S with 22-inch wheels and green interior

The Brabus isn’t your usual Porsche tuner, but that hasn’t stopped them from offering a stylish kit for a fully electric Porsche Taycan Turbo Sas well as 22-inch wheels, individual interior and lowered suspension.

The Taycan is one of the cars that looks sporty right out of the factory, but Brabus has added a few carbon fiber items around the body inspired by exotic hypercars. These include more pronounced splitter covers and intake ducts, as well as aerodynamic wing extensions on the front bumper and side sills. At the back there is a spoiler with a taste over the full width taillights and a more fashionable diffuser with extra ribs. There are also many Brabus badges that replace the Porsche crest.

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As a final touch, there are 22-inch forged Brabus Monoblock Z discs “Platinum Edition”, painted in Signature Black, which open the brake calipers of the Brabus brand, painted in light green. The latter is reminiscent Techart’s own offer for Taycan, showing that green is a popular color among tuners when it comes to EV.

EV power transmission Taycan Turbo S which produces up to 750 liters. However, thanks to the Brabus Ride Control module, the Taycan air suspension brings it closer to the ground by 20 mm (0.8 inches), further lowering the center of gravity.

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When you open the door of the Taycan, tuned to Brabus, you realize that the exterior modifications compared to the bright colors of the cabin were invisible. The two-tone leather upholstery combines black with bright green and can be found on all seats, dashboard, center console and doors. Leather upholstered seats and custom-made floor mats have a stitch pattern, while Brabus Masterpiece plates on the backs of the seats indicate that no Porsche stock. The changes culminate in a healthy dose of carbon fiber trim, aluminum accents and Alcantara livestock.

If you are not a fan of the color combination of the presentation car, Brabus will allow you to personalize a customized Taycan. The cost of the above options remains undisclosed, so if you are interested in upgrading your EV, you should contact the tuner directly.

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