There were four luxury cars stolen from a parking garage in Manhattan in a dramatic armed robbery.

Local police say the valet was guarding luxury cars when a group of men pulled a gun on him. The robbers then sped away in several fancy cars, including a BMW X7 and the Mercedes-Benz G550.

The incident happened at the Gotham West parking garage on W45th Street in Hell’s Kitchen between 5:15 and 5:30 a.m.

“They robbed a night boy at gunpoint. It was terrible – he’s fine, but he’s never experienced this before,” the parking manager said W42ST.

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The BMW An X7 belonging to Lata Islam was one of the stolen vehicles. She is a monthly parking customer and was trying to track the X7’s location using a remote smartphone app. However, it was nowhere to be seen, suggesting that the thieves may have disabled the location system.

“On Monday, September 19, 2022, at approximately 5:27 a.m., police responded to a 911 call for a robbery near West 45th Street and 11th Avenue (GMC parking lot) within the Midtown North Precinct,” the Police Department said in a statement. of New York. confirmed in the statement. “Upon arrival, officers were informed that three unknown persons had entered the premises, displayed firearms and forcibly removed four vehicles. There are no reports of injuries as a result of this incident. There are no arrests, the investigation continues.”

At least two vehicles were recovered. One of them was a Mercedes-Benz G550 that the owner tracked through the Mercedes App and discovered that he had moved to New Jersey. Police in New Jersey used GPS data from the SUV and discovered it had been loaded into a shipping container and was about to be shipped to Africa. NBC New York reports.

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