Ray breaks circle record to take first place on opening day at Donington Park

Bradley Ray spent this afternoon the fastest-ever round of the British Bennett Superbike Championships on the national track to win the combined SUPERPICKS free exercise sessions. The championship leader held the lead in 0.323 sec.

Ray took charge in the afternoon, making a quick circle before the shower briefly interrupted the action. His opponents have failed to beat time, and Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha racer is preparing to fight for victory in the eBay Sprint Race tomorrow.

Ryde did this by blocking Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha on top of time; after setting the pace at the opening session, a local rival at the end of the opening day held Lee Jackson at Cheshire Moldings FS-3 Kawasaki.

Jason O’Hallaran topped the McAMS Yamaha charge in fourth place as his teammate Taran Mackenzie returned to action after injury for the first time since pre-season tests. The reigning champion starts defending the title this weekend, finishing today’s session in 17th position.

Rory Skinner had another strong session when he finished fifth in second with Cheshire Moldings FS-3 Kawasakis, ahead of Glen Irwin when Honda celebrated the 30th anniversary of Fireblade.

Peter Hickman finished seventh in FHO Racing BMW, and Danny Kent held Tommy Bridwell, and Christian Eden finished in the top ten. Andrew Irwin and Leon Haslam finished in the top 12.

Haslam ended his session in an accident at Craner Curves that resulted in a right ankle sprain, and he will be examined by the BSB medical team before Free Practice 3.

British Super Bike Championships Bennett, Donington Park, Free SUPERPICKS workout joint time:

  1. Bradley Ray (Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha) 1 min: 05,497 sec
  2. Kyle Ride (Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha) +0.323 sec
  3. Lee Jackson (Cheshire Moldings FS-3 Kawasaki) +0.408 s
  4. Jason O’Halaran (McAMS Yamaha) +0.455 sec
  5. Rory Skinner (Cheshire Moldings FS-3 Kawasaki) + 0.640s
  6. Glen Irwin (Honda Racing UK) +0.715 sec
  7. Peter Hickman (FHO Racing BMW) + 0.762s
  8. Danny Kent (Buildbase Suzuki) + 0.781s
  9. Tommy Bridwell (Oxford Products Racing Ducati) + 0.813s
  10. Christian Idon (Buildbase Suzuki) +0.865 sec
  11. Andrew Irwin (SYNETIQ BMW) + 1.045s
  12. Leon Haslam (VisionTrack Kawasaki) + 1,181p

For more information on the Bennetts British Superbike Championship, visit www.britishsuperbike.com

Bradley Ray

Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha


“We made a few changes between sessions and then at the second session, we put a new tire on the start, got out and drove as fast as I could!

“Actually it was very good, I think the tank has more, but I think for the rest too. We were going to change the setting a bit to try to improve it in the end, but overall I’m very happy.

“I like this track, I’ve always liked it in everything. Here I had my first double victory on the Superbike, so I always have fond memories of coming to this track. This weekend it won’t be easy, but we’re looking forward to it.

“It’s good that Kyle here keeps me honest; it’s good for both of us because we’ve had a tough couple of years, but it’s good to be on a competitive bike fighting for wins and podiums ”.


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