Bugatti has released the latest teaser of an attractive new car that will be unveiled Quail, motor sports meeting during Monterey Car Week.

While the first teaser released earlier this week showed off the model’s LED headlights, this short clip shared on Twitter gives us a look at its rear, specifically the LED taillights.

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The headlights take the shape of a sideways V and smoothly slow down into the illuminated Bugatti badge in the center of the rear panel. It seems to be quite a radical look and very different from any other Bugatti model of today.

It’s a similar story on the front end. The aforementioned teaser of the LED headlights revealed that they will also be completely unique other Bugatti models and consist of four horizontal LED strips located on the pronounced front quarter panels.

For now Bugatti himself is keeping quiet about the details of the car, this teaser is called “The Last of its Kind”. This could mean that the model scheduled to be shown on August 19 during Monterey Car Week will be the last Bugatti model with a W16 engine that does not use some form of electrification, like future models developed in conjunction with Rimac.

If that’s the case, we suspect the car in question will be based on the Bugatti Chiron and could be similar in philosophy to the limited edition Divo, meaning it may share a drivetrain with the Chiron but may differ in distinctive bodywork . We think it’s safe to assume that if the car is indeed the last non-electrified W16 Bugatti, Bugatti will likely only produce a handful of examples for its most prolific and loyal customers.

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