Beijing (Gasgoo) – On April 21, major Chinese carmaker BYD and automotive chip maker Horizon Robotics announced that some BYD car models will be equipped with Horizon Robotics Journey 5 chips.

Photo: Horizon Robotics

With Journey 5’s high performance and high computing power, this duo will promote integrated driving and parking solutions with market competitiveness and explore advanced autonomous driving.

The first BYD with Journey 5 engines will appear on the market in mid-2023. Procurement cooperation has been a breakthrough in the long-term practical business collaboration between BYD and Horizon Robotics. The partners plan to continue collaborating and install Horizon Robotics products on more BYD vehicles.

The Journey 5 chip offers a maximum AI computing power of 128 TOPS, supporting 16 camera computing perception modes.

On the other hand, as the first traditional carmaker to completely abandon gas-powered vehicles and adopt new energy vehicles, BYD is also the only automaker in the world to use core technologies in the field of electric motor, electric control and batteries. In 2021, the company sold nearly 600,000 passenger cars with new energy resources worldwide, leading the Chinese car industry with new energy resources.

In terms of intellectualization, BYD has built its BYD e platform, an intelligent connected DiLink system and an intelligent DiPilot driver assistance system.

Combined with high-performance Horizon Robotics automotive chips, partners can fully unleash everyone’s potential in intelligent control.

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